Size does matter…

October 5, 2007

During my trip to Germany I picked up the 10th anniversary issue of the German edition of GQ. It came in two sizes: the standard size and a handy “pocket size” edition to fit easier in your briefcase. I was amazed to the see the difference in price: the standard size four euros, the mini only one euro. A difference of three euros for the same stuff. However, unlike the original pocket size magazine Glamour (the UK edition) the mini GQ is in fact a reduction of the original magazine rather than a specific design for that size… (so have your magnifiers ready). The next day I traveled to France and picked up a copy of Cosmopolitan. The same story there. One standard size and one mini. However, the French were not willing to give the store away just because it was a mini…only 20 cents discount for the mini. The standard Cosmopolitan was two euros and the mini was 1.80. In fact I saw more maxi and mini magazines in France than any other country that I have visited. The mini editions vary in adjectives from travel size, to handy size, to handbag size all the way to pocket size. Thank you UK Glamour for introducing a new “buzz” size to the magazine market place…



  1. Actually I think it was Italian Glamour that did it first… but it was definitely UK G that got all the attention, and so changed the landscape around Europe.

    Thanks Andrew for the clarification…Samir

  2. Very interesting, Mr. Husni. It does make a lot of sense in today’s world. We certainly don’t want to waste more trees. If small is beautiful, why create the large version?

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