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Susan Russ, Senior Vice President, Communications, MPA: The Association of Magazine Media, Talks About Why Magazines And Magazine Media Matters At The Opening Of The ACT 7 Experience…Linda Ruth Reporting From ACT 7 Experience…

April 26, 2017

Susan Russ talks about why magazines & magazine media matters in this digital age

Eight years ago, when Dr. Samir Husni started the Magazine Innovation Center, everyone thought he’d gone crazy. With print media seemingly withering on the vine and digital moving in to devour its sad remains, print appeared to be the last candidate for innovation.

Yet 2017 is the year of the magazine. While the most successful magazines exist cross-platform, print remains a living, breathing, and in fact indispensable part of that mix. Susan Russ, Senior Vice President, Communications, MPA: The Association of Magazine Media, spoke at the ACT 7 opening dinner about why print has retained its primacy in an increasingly digital world.

The magazine ecosystem, Russ said, puts the consumer in the center, and includes all the ways in which magazine brands reach their audience: desktop/laptop, mobile, social, events, and print. In the United States, 91% of all adults read magazines and, contrary to popular perception, the percentage grows in the direction of youth, with 94% of adults under the age of 25 reading magazines. And research has indicated that, for reaching that audience in an effective way, the print part of that ecosystem is the most powerful.

Neuroscientific studies show that paper-based reading results in higher comprehension and recall; it is more powerful in stimulating emotions and desires; its readers give it a more focused attention with less distraction, and the tactile experience of paper contributes to its impact on readers. While connecting to the brand’s ecosystem through various channels is important, print stimulates different parts of the brain.
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Magazines are consumed across platforms, and its the entire ecosystem that contributes to their power and success. But print remains a key component—and it’s a component that other media companies don’t have.


The 30 Hottest New Magazine Launches and The One Hottest Re-Launch…

December 4, 2014

Mr. Magazine

Newsweek-7 The number of new magazines being launched each year in the country isn’t growing smaller just because print is “supposedly” declining; quite the contrary. Between October 2013 and the end of September 2014 there was a total of 862 new magazine launches – with 232 of those promising frequency.

For a declining medium, print magazines are audaciously responding to that sentiment loudly and clearly with a courageous repudiation to their critics. Defining 862 new launches as “declining” is an understatement, to say the least.

In honor of the blood, sweat and tears (and let us not forget ink too) that were poured into every one of those 862 new launches and their predecessors from years past, once a year in conjunction with MIN (Media Industry Newsletter), I present the 30 hottest magazine launches of the year at a breakfast event in New York City. Click here for more information about…

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Heading to Europe…

May 12, 2008

It used to be said that April is the cruelest month in academia, well it is and so is May. I will be leaving to Europe on a seminar-giving tour that will take me to Sweden, Finland and Estonia starting tomorrow and lasting until May 25. In case my blogging slows down, now you know why. It is not for the lack of information, but rather to give me the chance to catch a break. I will be blogging every now and then from Europe if the opportunity lands itself, otherwise look for a very active week after May 25. In the meantime I wish all of you a great summer season and plenty of good magazines to read.

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