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“Integrated, Not Complicated” With Daren Mazzucca, Vice President/Publisher, Martha Stewart Living, Meredith – Mr. Magazine™ Presents Highlights From The ACT 8 Experience…

May 14, 2018

Daren Mazzucca, Vice President/Publisher, Martha Stewart Living, Meredith, speaking at the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience, April 19, 2018.

Daren Mazzucca took the ACT 8 Experience stage on the third day of the conference, April 19, and gave those of us in the audience his interpretation of the word ACT, which Mr. Magazine™ defines as “Amplify, Clarify and Testify” the power of print. Daren took his ACT presentation and conformed it to the things that he and his team do on a daily basis at Meredith to market Martha Stewart’s highly successful brand.

• “Amplify” – turning moments into momentum.
• “Clarify” – defining who you are.
• “Testify” – results and success.

Daren’s marketing strategy of the Martha Stewart brand includes the firm belief that advertisers want to do business with people they like and trust, people who can “amplify,” take those special moments and turn them into motivational momentum. Staying true and authentic is powerful, “clarifying” who you are, and not trying to convince marketers that you’re something that you’re not is vital when you “testify,” talk about the results. Clients want to hear about successful results and know that their dollars are being converted into whatever they need to reach that audience.

Today, we are selling everything; cross platform is the only phrase that applies. And that was another important point, which was spot on with ACT 8’s theme of Print Proud Digital Smart, the fact that magazines and magazine media have to be integrated, but that does not mean complicated. From social media to websites, print to events, this integration takes on many roles, but it does not have to be stressful, worrisome, or complicated. Daren showed us that integration is simply a part of the service to clients: what are the advertisers’ needs, what are the brand’s unique benefits to the client, and how does your brand translate that into a media win?

Integrated, not complicated. Mr. Magazine™ couldn’t have said it better himself. In fact, Daren Mazzucca brought his marketing skills onto that ACT 8 stage and in an energetic, no-nonsense presentation showed us that the strategy of print and all things digital does not have to cause frown lines between your brows or knots in your stomach. It’s simply the way things have to be done today in order to produce spectacularly successful results for those clients that keep your brand strong.

To hear Daren Mazzucca’s entire presentation, please click the link below:

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“Your Brain on Digital” With Joe Hyrkin, CEO, issuu – Mr. Magazine™ Presents Highlights From The ACT 8 Experience…

May 10, 2018

Joe Hyrkin, CEO, issuu, speaking at the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8
Experience April 18, 2018.

A double rainbow. CEO of issuu, Joe Hyrkin, took the stage on day two of the ACT 8 Experience, showcasing a colorful double rainbow up on the big screen behind him. It was an absolutely spot on analogy of the fact that many of us, while cognizant of the things that are directly in our path, are oblivious to those spectacular moments and opportunities that sometimes present themselves in a different direction than our immediate focus is zeroed in on.

Joe runs issuu, which is a massive digital publishing platform that has over 40 million publications globally. These publications use issuu to get their content shared digitally to millions of visitors across the world. As Joe shared in his presentation, publishing is thriving today more than ever before, with magnificent titles being created and offered daily. “There is more content being created, shared and read in 2018 than ever before in the history of humanity,” he stated. And his thoughts on the future were just as positive and informed.

Joe presented our brains on digital, versus our brains on print, and asked us to consider the digital double rainbows that are offered to us through digital creation, distribution and monetization. He said over the next five years, there would be three billion + human beings digitally connected for the first time.

The world of publishing has come into its own. We have brilliantly done print magazines, and as Joe showed us, we have digital avenues, such as issuu, that use innovation, technology and engagement to connect us to the cyber spectrum of magazines.

Print Proud Digital Smart is not just a logo of the ACT 8 Experience, it’s the bottom line in the world of magazines and magazine media.

To hear Joe Hyrkin’s entire presentation, please click the link below:

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Magazine Media: A Global View Researched And Documented – From the United States and Beyond… Mr. Magazine™ Presents Highlights From Linda Thomas Brooks and James Hewes’ Presentations At The ACT 8 Experience…

May 7, 2018

President and CEO of MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, Linda Thomas Brooks and President and CEO of FIPP – The Network for Global Media, United Kingdom, James Hewes, were two of the keynote speakers on the opening evening of the ACT 8 Experience, April 17, 2018. The gala was a glittering event filled with good food, great conversation, and amazing overtures about the positivity of print and digital together, putting their adversarial roles toward each other to bed once and for all.

Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO, MPA: The Association of Magazine Media, speaking at the ACT 8 Experience April 17, 2018.

Linda’s presentation began with a conversation about the power of magazine media. Linda came to her job as president and CEO of MPA after having been immersed in digital media for about 15 years, so as she eloquently put it, she knows what digital does well. But she also knows what magazines do well. And she totally understands what the two can do together, because as Linda put it that opening evening, “Magazine media lives in multiple formats.”

Her stellar presentation continued as she talked about how magazine media builds brands and sells product in a safe and transparent environment with demonstrable results and more rigor to prove it than anyone else. Trustworthy information is of paramount importance today to marketers and to consumers. Linda presented, from research done by the Edelman Trust Study, that customers are beginning to differentiate between platforms and media brands, showing consumer trust in platforms going down and their trust in journalism going up. Consumers are really thinking about where they’re getting the information that they’re using in their lives.

Her discussion was both eye-opening and well-received as industry leaders, journalism and marketing students, and academics gathered in the beautiful ballroom at the Inn at Ole Miss and listened to one of the first Print Proud Digital Smart moments of the ACT 8 Experience.

To hear Linda Thomas Brooks’ entire presentation, please click the link below.

James Hewes, President and CEO, FIPP: The Network for Global Media, United Kingdom, speaking at the ACT 8 Experience April 17, 2018.

James Hewes, president and CEO of FIPP, the network for global media, took the stage that same evening right after Linda Thomas Brooks. FIPP is an organization that empowers its members to build market-leading international businesses through intelligence, solutions and partnerships. Its members include: Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Elle, Wired and many, many others. James opened his presentation on 8 Industry Trends with a powerful statement about the magazine media industry’s diversity and vibrancy.

The 8 Industry Trends that FIPP’s research has uncovered and that James discussed are both interesting and developmentally important as they represent current industry challenges across the board:

1. Talent & Culture
2. The Elephant in the Room (referring to social media, platform specific marketing & content, and the renewed importance of the Google algorithm)
3. Print Matters
4. The State of Advertising
5. Subscriptions and Reader Revenue
6. The Power of Platforms & Platform-Focused Content
7. Blockchain – Betamax or VHS? (a discussion on the pros and cons of this emerging technology)
8. The Coming AI Revolution (artificial intelligence and looking at its potential)

To listen to James Hewes talk about these 8 Industry Trends in depth with wisdom and well-placed humor brought those of us in the audience much food for thought. (pun intended, as we dined on our delicious meal). James humanized these complex topics and left us with a hopeful curiosity that was exceeded only by an immense hope for the future and the technologies to come.

To hear James Hewes’ entire presentation, please click the link below.

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“Your Brain on Paper/Print” With Daniel Dejan, ETC Print Creative Manager, Sappi North America – Mr. Magazine™ Presents Highlights From The ACT 8 Experience…

May 4, 2018

Daniel Dejan, ETC Print Creative Manager, Sappi North America, speaking at the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience, April 18, 2018.

“Your Brain on Paper” and why we still love print was the focus of Sappi Paper’s Print Creative Manager for North America, Daniel Dejan. Day Two of the ACT 8 Experience brought Daniel to the stage to talk about our brain on paper and how we still love to read in print. Daniel’s discussion was all about the sensory, and his points made were just as magnetic. Touch, smell, sound, and sight are all a part of the experiences magazines create. And we as humans respond to that. Touching the mouse of your computer, while very instantaneously satisfying because, if everything goes according to pixel-plan, rapid information is at hand, it cannot replace the completely holistic adventure that ink on paper gives you.

And nobody can depict and tell that story like Daniel Dejan. He is the voice of paper when it comes to the positive reaction that the platform gleans from consumers.

And Sappi is the company that is as passionate about paper as its print creative director. Research and development is high on Sappi’s priority list as they continue to further sustainable and revolutionary ways to serve their customers in paper, believing that while we live in a digital age, print products are still the core of the publishing industry, and many others. Last year’s report that Sappi released “The Neuroscience of Touch” was an amazing study on the impact of print on the brain. Applying neuroscience to marketing, Sappi’s report helped us to understand why consumers are still triggered by certain stimuli, which in turn can help brands create better experiences for consumers.

At ACT 7 in 2017, Daniel spoke eloquently about the Haptic Brain, Haptic Hand, and the power of touch from that all-important report. This year at ACT 8, he continued the conversation and brought the audience many compelling reasons for why print is still a powerhouse to the senses. From sight to touch, smell to sound, reading in print is an experience unlike anything that pixels on a screen can offer. When we read in print, even the turning of the pages and the crackling of the paper that we hear emits a sensory perception. As Daniel stressed, it’s the complete sensory involvement that helps to make the print reading experience much richer. Even our bodies respond physically to reading on paper as heart rates and blood pressures decrease, and our overall comprehension is much better.

During the ACT 8 conversation, while those of us in the audience were totally engaged, Daniel said that the biggest challenge right now in photographic communication is that financial people are making aesthetic and marketing decisions. There are engagement techniques that many magazine media companies are failing to utilize, a particular issue with some Canadian companies that Daniel works with, such as special effects on covers and/or special inks.

So, in a world where continuous notifications and other digital distractions are a part of our daily lives and something that we’ve come to depend on for instant communication, Daniel Dejan, in his own inimitable way, showed us all at the ACT 8 Experience that the print reading experience is both welcomed by consumers and well deserved.

And the Print Proud Digital Smart way of making magazines continues.

To hear Daniel Dejan’s entire presentation, please click the link below.

To watch the entire ACT 8 Experience presentations please go to and search for ACT 8 Experience.


“Putting The Consumer First” With Bonnie Kintzer, President & CEO, Trusted Media Brands – Mr. Magazine™ Presents Highlights From The ACT 8 Experience

April 30, 2018

Bonnie Kintzer, President and CEO, Trusted Media Brands, speaking at the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience, April 19, 2018.

“Adapting and adopting,” a phrase that Bonnie Kintzer, president and CEO of Trusted Media Brands, believes in strongly for the success of a company. When Bonnie came back to Trusted Media brands four years ago, after having been gone for seven years, the company was burdened by debt and had just emerged from its second bankruptcy. The overall mood then was one of despair and dejectedness. Not a great model for success. Hence, the phrase “adapt and adopt” was born.

But Bonnie was determined to see the company come back to growth again. As the Reader’s Digest Association, it had not weathered the times of change and disruption well, but the content of its brands was still trusted and strong.

And today through adapting and adoption of innovation and the taking advantage of new platforms and products that drive today’s magazine consumer, Trusted Media Brands is strong and growing. According to the latest data from comScore, the Trusted Media Brands Digital Network now reaches 63 million consumers a month and is among the top 30 out of 2,000 digital lifestyle networks. The brand teams create around 2,000 pieces of high quality written and video content a month. In fact, Bonnie pointed out in her presentation, based on the most recent data from the MPA: The Association of Magazine Media, Taste of Home and Family Handyman brands are now the top two magazine media brands on Pinterest, outperforming such well-known brands as Allrecipes, House Beautiful, Cooking Light and Bon Appetit. Adapting and adopting, indeed.

On day three of the ACT 8 Experience, Bonnie took the stage that morning of April 19 and talked about “putting the consumer first” and it was a mesmerizing conversation. Her wit, charm and engaging presentation was surmounted only by the truth and wisdom of her words. She opened the final morning of ACT 8 brilliantly.

And to hear Bonnie Kintzer’s entire presentation, please click the link below.

To watch the entire ACT 8 Experience presentations please go to and search for ACT 8 Experience.


Liz Vaccariello & Her 11 New Rules for Making Magazines. Mr. Magazine™ Presents Highlights From The ACT 8 Experience

April 27, 2018

Liz Vaccariello, Editorial Director, Parents Magazine Network, Meredith, speaking at the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience, April 18, 2018.

If the phrase “energetic enthusiasm” was defined in the dictionary, you’d find Liz Vaccariello’s name written categorically beside it. The editor in chief of the Meredith Parents Network has an exuberance for her brand and the industry in general that is contagious.

Liz was our opening keynote speaker for the first full day of the ACT 8 Experience on Wednesday morning, April 18. While the air in the room was expectant when she took the stage to give her presentation, by the time she accepted the resounding applause and descended the stairs to once again take her seat, it was electric.

Several beautiful covers of Parents magazine began the story she told showing mothers and their real-life children together in varying poses, and progressing into the stories within the magazine’s pages that brings the lives of different people, such as celebrities, Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs, along with their two sons, onto a level that we all understand, that of simply being parents. Liz’s belief is that Parents magazine, and ALL magazines, can have an emotional connection with readers, and that the cover is the best and most important place to start.

But the meat of Liz’s talk was about her 11 New Rules for Making Magazines, which you will find below. And along with each one she presented, we were as engaged as new students on the first day of class, learning these rules as though they were the difference between an A and an F in the class, and for all intents and purposes, when it comes to a successful magazine, they are.

1. Understand your audience
2. Diversity matters
3. Don’t be too cool for school
4. Go for “Wow” instead of “Ugh”
5. Know that digital natives skim print differently
6. Let your audiences tell stories too
7. Welcome advertisers as partners and collaborators
8. Art is your story’s best friend
9. Display copy is crucial for voice
10. More is not necessarily better
11. Use humor to break through

And to see these rules presented as only Liz can click on the video below.

To watch the entire ACT 8 Experience presentations please go to and search for ACT 8 Experience.


ACT 8 Experience: Exporting Your Brand. Abdulsalam Haykal, CEO, Haykal Group, United Arab Emirates

April 22, 2018

Abdulsalam Haykal, CEO of Haykal Group in the United Arab Emirates, addresses the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 8 Experience attendees via video. For reasons beyond his control, Mr. Haykal could not make it in person to the ACT 8 Experience, but he did answer Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni’s questions on what it takes to export a brand overseas and what are some of the pitfalls of taking titles from one culture to another… Here are his answers in two videos…

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