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A Very Happy Thanksgiving From The Mighty Magazine World…

November 23, 2021

In the November 1921 issue of Good Housekeeping, Thanksgiving was celebrated with style:  a poem by Martha Haskell Clark and decoration by Franklin Booth.  What Good Housekeeping published a century ago, is as valid today as it was then…

Below are a few verses from the poem and feel free to click on the picture below to read the entire poem.

God be thanked for acred yield, and mile-wide harvest bending

Heavy for the reaping-blades, waist and shoulder-high,

Reach on reach of golden seas, shoreless, and unending,

Where the furrow-clods lay dark ‘neath an April sky.

Lord, amid our lifted prayers, let us not forget

Little, tended garden-plots in humble dooryards set.

Simple hearts and humble hands, toiling day by day,

Dreamer-souls that keep the faith on sordid paths unknown,

Those who sow, but seldom reap, bless them, Lord, we pray,

Send full store of golden grain for every threshing-stone.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.

Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, Ph.D.


When GQ Was, According to Esquire, As “Beluga Is To Caviar…” A Blast From The Past. A Mr. Magazine™ Nugget.

November 15, 2021

Here’s a blast from the past, the 1958 past.  An ad for GQ magazine in its sister publication Esquire.  GQ was published by Esquire Inc. in the late 1950s and the ad (as you can see in the pictures) touts GQ as the best magazine since sliced bread… Here is a snippet of the ad:

GQ is to magazines as…Rolls-Royce is to cars… Churchill is to shotguns… Payne is to rods… Hardy is to reels… Dunhill is to pipes… Sobranie is to tobaccos… Steinway is to pianos… Steuben is to glass… Dior is to dresses… Chinchilla is to furs… Beluga is to caviar… Dom  Perignon is to champagnes… Joy is to perfumes… Picasso is to pictures… Bardot is… but you get the idea. In every field there’s something that’s so fine and rare that people who’ve had their fill of the ordinary, and know enough to want and appreciate the best, are drawn to it like cats to catnip…

Do you know of a magazine today that the aforementioned similes can describe?  Would love to hear your views…

Until another Mr. Magazine™ Nugget, all the best…

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