Blow Your Mind Cosmo Covers: Standing Straight or Leaning Over?

May 23, 2014

cosmo2-2cosmo1-1 Until 2013, Cosmopolitan has been the number one selling magazine on the nation’s stands. (It was dethroned last year by Woman’s World). And as many big selling titles on the newsstands, the magazine followed a very standard format in its covers and cover lines. So it was surprising to see a major departure in its June cover in the copies sold at Wal-Mart compared to the rest of the stores where the traditional cover was the one for sale…

The cover with Ms. Teigen standing straight with a pink background (the traditional design for Cosmo) is being sold at most of the nation’s stands. The cover with her leaning over with a yellow background is the one sold at Wal-Mart.

Both issues have Chrissy Teigen adorning the cover, albeit missing some clothing items and the cover line, “When He Makes You Crazy…P. 184” together with the obligatory one page number on the cover… but the Wal-Mart cover is a real deviation from the norm for Cosmopolitan and bend-over-show-some-cleavage sexy. Is there a reason the one sold at the largest retail store in the country is more provocative? And does having a choice between two tantalizing covers even make a difference to the Cosmo reader? Will loyal Cosmo girls like the tried and true of tradition or something new and different?

Judge for yourself.
© Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, 2014. All Rights Reserved.



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  2. FINALLY….we get some “Sex” here on the Mr. Mag Blog!!!!
    Just Kidding……!!(…..Have to be Politically Correct these days….).
    Actually the “non” Wal-Mart cover seems sexier to me….just sayin’.

  3. […] blogger “mr. magazine” implies that the magazine cover on the right was created for (conservative) retailer […]

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