Kruschel: A New German Ink on Paper Newspaper For Children. The Mr. Magazine™ Interview with Editor Eva Fauth.

March 21, 2014

eva fauth Eva Fauth is the editor, project leader of the children’s weekly newspaper Kruschel. I met Ms. Fauth at the WAN/IFRA Printing Summit 2014 in Munich, Germany. We were both invited to speak at the Summit.

Her premise for Kruschel:

Fewer and fewer people read newspapers? Not at all! In “Kruschelland” is different: As more and more children are looking forward to Saturday when the “Kruschel” comes – a newspaper specially for kids!, The Verlagsgruppe Rhein Main (VRM) was the first regional newspaper publisher in Germany to launch, in May 2012, its own subscription newspaper for children on the market targeted at very young readers (7-11 years old). A model that gives courage – because it shows that newspaper reading is again a family affair and children will be the readers of tomorrow.

So, for my benefit and the benefit of my English language reading audience, I asked Ms. Fauth what is the meaning of the name Kruschel? Click the video to listen to her answer:

Then I fired up my usual line of questions regarding print, newspapers, the future, children in a digital age, etc. etc… click the video below to watch my interview with Eva Fauth, editor and project leader of the German Kruschel children’s newspaper:

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