A Baptism by Fire in the Print World: Book-a-Zines Discover Their Spiritual Side and Faith is Made Strong

March 6, 2014

From The Holy Land to The Bible: 50 Ways it Can Change Your Life, to Billy Graham and Faith, many publishers are devoting multitudes of book-a-zines to topics of religion and faith.


Over the last six months alone, there have been innumerous titles exploring God and His word and the staunch servants who deliver it today.

This month, so far, four different titles have come out: Newsweek’s Jesus, I-5 Publishing’s The Life of Jesus of Nazareth, Beckett’s Where Jesus Walked and TV Guide’s Pope Francis.

Jesus-4 (2)The Life of Jesus-5 (2)Where Jesus walked-6 (2)Pope Francis-3 (2)

But not just spirituality is being explored in book-a-zines, there have been a broad range of topics over the last year alone: JFK, Nelson Mandela, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Civil War, John Wayne and the Obama’s are just a select handful of subjects covered within the pages of these special entities. Where all of these titles are dealing with more earthly issues, book-a-zines are now extending their reach into the divine realms as we see from the abovementioned editions.


And with the release of the movie “Son of God,” which follows on the heels of the History Channel’s very successful Bible series and “God’s Not Dead,” which includes a special appearance by Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, the expectations of more of these spiritual journals are definitely on the horizon.

So are book-a-zines becoming the reflectors of society, thus usurping the role regular magazines have always held: freezing trends on and within ink on paper, rather than fleeting moments of digital time?

It should be noted, regardless of brand name, whether it’s TV Guide, Newsweek, National Geographic, Time, Life, or People, there are a handful of companies that are creating all these book-a-zines on behalf of those brands.

For example, Time Inc. is publishing on behalf of the American Bible Society and National Geographic. Topix Media Lab did two of the faith-based book-a-zines that have come out this month (TV Guide’s and Newsweek’s), I-5 Publishing did one and Beckett Media the fourth. In addition to the aforementioned, Source Interlink and Husdon News are also producing a lot of book-a-zines under countless titles and brands: the former releasing Real Food Real Kitchens last August.

So the brand appears to be happenstance; what doesn’t, is the burgeoning success of book-a-zines and their in depth information on whatever person, place, or thing that might interest an individual.

So keep the faith, as these special entities we call book-a-zines seem to be. With Jesus on the cover of several of these ink on paper editions lately; there is definitely hope for the print world and all of us!


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