Tony Silber: “A Celebration of Magazine Launches…” Reliving the ACT 4 Experience (Part 3)

November 19, 2013

Now that the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 4 (Amplify, Clarify, and Testify) Experience is one for the history books, the Mr. Magazine™ Blog is going to showcase the keynote speakers and panels that took place during the two and a half days Experience.

Tony Silber, VP/Content, at Folio, Min, Expo, PR News, and Audience Development moderated a panel celebrating new print magazine launches in this digital age.

John Harrington, publisher and editor of The New Single Copy, summed the panel best in his newsletter. John wrote, “Six new (and comparatively young) magazine publishers shared their experiences, all characterized by a remarkable level of integration across publishing platforms: print, of course, but also websites, tablets, seminars, and levels of brand extensions. Their energy and enthusiasm was contagious, and they deserve a special mention. There’s more than a good chance they’ll be heard from in the future, but for what it’s worth, they were…”

Craig Chapman, Producer, Real Food Real Kitchens
Carol Kicinski, Founder and Editor in Chief, Simply Gluten Free Magazine
Thom Kicinski, CEO, Edgewater Park Media Inc.
Megan Smith, Founder and Editor, Cake & Whiskey magazine
Jordana Megonigal, Editor in Chief, Business Black Box
Julie Wilson, Owner/Publisher, STORY magazine
Kelly Waldrop, Associate Publisher, Covey Rise magazine
Scott Coopwood, Owner/Publisher, Delta Magazine.

Enjoy the panel discussion below.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 9.47.23 AM


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