MagNet: Making Sense of the Magazine Single Copy Sales Data

October 10, 2013

Picture 11 Love it or hate it, MagNet is on a mission to cleanse the single copy sales data for the magazine industry while attempting to make sense of that data at the same time. On Oct. 24 MagNet is offering a training day for publishers, circulation people, marketeers, and anyone interested in learning more about the single copy sales data and how to better understand and utilize that data. I asked Joshua Gary from MagNet why is the company doing this and why should publishers attend.

Here is The Mr. Magazine™ Interview with Joshua Gary, vice president for systems and operations at MagNet.

Samir Husni: Why is MagNet doing this?

Joshua Gary: At MagNet, our goal is not only to aggregate and cleanse the industry’s data, but also to make the best possible use of that data. To understand what this means, it’s important to show people hands-on how much they can affect their own profitability and efficiency. We believe in the tools we’ve built and we want people to have the opportunity to see just how powerful the information can be in today’s day and age. We estimate that the industry wastes more than $144 million annually on PPD (Print, Paper, Distribution) on products that are going to accounts that generate $0 in sales. But there is still much we can do as an industry to properly manage this distribution if we use the right tools.

SH: What is in it for the publishers, distributors, etc.?

JG: This lab is really about education. It’s meant to give everyone an opportunity to learn, to inquire, to look under the covers as it relates to the MagNet systems and take them for a test drive. We want the industry to understand just how much they control of their own newsstand destiny, We have built the industry’s premiere Centralized Distribution Management tool in AIMS, and a world class reporting and analytic engine, nicknamed NIRC. We want to give people the opportunity to experience just how powerful these systems can be, and how they can help in our everyday business.

SH: How are the MagNet tools helping the industry or better yet, how do you see MagNet helping the entire print industry?
JG: MagNet is in a very unique position, simply based on our relationships and interconnectedness to members of this supply chain. It’s part of our mission to provide the best data available, make it actionable to all, and provide value to this industry. It’s our intention to use our expertise in newsstand, data and technology, and to curate solutions that are applicable to everyone within this ecosystem. One of the steps required for doing this is to let people experience these systems for themselves, which is why we have created the MagNet Training Day on 10/24.

Interested in attending MagNet training day, click here to register.


Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT 4 Experience: Click to check the Agenda
Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.44.28 PM
Space is limited. Register today.


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