Cheeriodicals: A New and Unique Way to Distribute Magazines and Spread Some Cheer at the Same Time. The Mr. Magazine™ Interview with Gary Parisher, President of Cheeriodicals

August 30, 2013

So what is “Cheeriodicals?” In short, it is what happens when you use magazines to spread cheer among people. No wonder then, when I heard about this company, I reached out to its founder and president Gary Parisher and invited him to come to the Magazine Innovation Center at The University of Mississippi to sit down with me for an on-camera in-depth Mr. Magazine™ Interview.

The genesis of Cheeriodicals began when the company started distributing magazines in “Tiffany-styled” green boxes to sick folks in hospital beds, and later expanded it to children in hospitals, and to individuals celebrating an event and even corporations sending good wishes to their clients and customers.

New, different and unique ways in magazine distribution are rare. So, what happens when you have an idea that combines all three concepts in one? Cheeriodicals is born. Watch below to see the story of Cheeriodicals from A to Z…


  1. Very cool that someone outside of the business came up with this idea. Hopefully it will expand.

  2. […] new marketing tactic for magazines? Mr. Magazine gets the lowdown on the “Cheeriodical” (I’d rather get one of these than a flower […]

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