July Magazine Launches – No Illusion Here – Only the Intensity of the Numbers And an Array of Awesome Titles

August 4, 2013

While the blistering summer sun may cause a refraction of light on the asphalt as one drives down some lonely back road in the middle of nowhere, searching for the nearest newsstand, I assure you the new magazines one will find there when they ultimately arrive are no mirage.

July alone saw the advent of 75 new titles – 18 of which pledge the intense frequency of heat lightning during a summertime storm, and all are just as unique as each jagged streak that slices through the sultry sky.

From magazines aimed at Digital Natives, such as Peppa Pig and The Smurfs 2, to the Gen-X male who wants to be a Smosher, there has been a summer influx of titles that are diverse enough to not leave out any generation.

Can you say fun-n-the-sun?

It’s an extravaganza of variety that should please the masses. Parents and “crafty” individuals will revel in titles like: Food Traveler and Stitch-it…today and those preparing for Apocalypse will certainly appreciate the slick new guide for urban survival – OffGrid.

For the gun enthusiast, there’s Trigger and for those who delight in the campaign of the Blue and the Gray, there’s Civil War Quarterly.

To connect with your pet and understand it better and your relationship with little Fido or Tiger, Natural Pet World is awaiting you and your animal psyche.

It’s a cornucopia of choice and enchantment that will inform you as it makes you smile, proving once again that there is a definite spot for printed magazines, right next to the counter you laid your iPhone down on.

Now if you can just get to the end of that back road…

Civil War Quarterly-84Food Traveler-87OffGrid-83Peppa Pig-89Pet World-82Smosh-88Smurfs2-90Stitch-It Today-85Trigger-86

The nine magazines above are not but a sample of the hot new July launches. Click here to see each and every magazine arriving on the nation’s newsstands during the month of July.


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  1. When is your 2013 New Magazine book coming out?

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