A Digital Native, Jade George, Editorial Director of The Carton Magazine, Talks About the “Power and Glow” of Print. The Mr. Magazine™ Minute

May 17, 2013


Food and culture awaken all five senses best in print and not on the screen. Jade George, the founder and editorial director of The Carton magazine, just celebrated the first anniversary of the English language magazine that is published in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and printed in Beirut,Lebanon.

I had the opportunity to meet with Jade George while attending and speaking at the 12th Annual Arab Media Forum in Dubai.

I asked Ms. George, a digital native, why did she choose print as her venue for the The Carton. Her answer below:

More about the story of the birth of The Carton later on this blog.

One comment

  1. Print is still a viable option in the Middle East. And so long as advertisers perceive print to be the better information dissemination channel (vs. the web) print will thrive. It certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing down now. Go Jade!

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