No eDreams here… The Realities of the “The Hopeless Romantic Mr. Magazine™”

May 9, 2013

405891_10151599573381187_2128293329_nCall me the hopeless romantic, but be ready to prove it. Talk is cheap and print is expensive, and guess what, I am ready to prove it.

Every time I go overseas, I come back with this energy that fuels my passion, my soul, my inner-self. I fill my suitcase with magazines, all kinds of magazines, and cross the Atlantic with my spirits soaring as high as the plane can take me.

New magazines, established magazines with new twists, newspapers that have reinvented themselves, all in different languages, different paper styles and weights, different sizes, some are big, some are small, some are thick and some are thin. It makes no difference to me. It is just another reality that somehow seems to escape a lot of people in this digital age. Magazines (and mind you I only use this word for my objects of affection that are printed, as in ink on paper) are aplenty. If they are not printed, they are Magazine Media. Magazines are everywhere, they are about everything, but above all they add “soul” to the “body” of paper. Magazines are one of the best forms of “living” technology ever created. They are not just ink on paper; they are living, moving, and breathing objects of desire, my desire and everyone else’s desires.

Magazines are still big money generators. Research continues to show that the vast majority of income for magazine media companies is still coming from the printed word and its derivatives. But this blog-entry is not about money or revenues, although magazines propagate both, but rather about the love affair a magazine generates with its audience through that touchy, feely approach that only print, good print for that matter, let’s you experience.

Join me on this brief stroll through the magazine world as you and I travel with some recently acquired titles which boarded the plane with me coming back from Lisbon, Portugal after attending and presenting at the International Media Management Academic Association 6th Annual Conference. (A quick side note here regarding the image to the upper right which I captured in Lisbon… eDreams. My dreams were, are and will always continue to be virtual, with or without an e. That’s why I love real things, touchable things, things that remind me that I am still a real human being surrounded by real stuff, real people and yes, real magazines…)

NewsweekLife after death – Newsweek reborn
. Seeing this magazine, which received so much hoopla and attention for its “#last print issue” in the U.S., sitting on European newsstands just really did my heart good. To think that a magazine with so much history, and roots that ran so deep in the forest of the magazine industry; to think that such an established brand as that, could be cut off from the print world and delegated to “digital only” was such a shock to those of us out here who knew better, who knew that it could still survive in print. It just took the right publishing individuals behind it to believe it too.

Made in PaperMade In Paper – The size, the feel, page after page of imaginative crafts; it’s all here in this magazine to produce an experience for the reader. Whether you actually make any of the crafts, or simply enjoy dreaming about trying your hand at some of them, Made in Paper is meaty and substantial, chock full of colorful explosions that come together to form exciting and beautiful designs. It’s an uplifting magazine.

FlowFlow – Magazine for Paper Lovers – After few years being published only in Dutch, an international English edition of Flow has been published. This is a magazine that celebrates “Do it Yourself” and believes nothing beats paper to do it with. And with a Ray Bradbury quote on the cover: “Thinking is the enemy of creativity,” you know imagination abounds between the covers. The pages of the magazine tempt your fingertips and beckon to your senses. The magazine asks you to slow down and consider your own needs, to take the time to care about yourself first for a minute. And choose Flow to do it with.

MoodieZMoodiez – A magazine for young teens that want to know about themselves and the world around them. And by the way, it’s the first Dutch mind style magazine for young people out there. The first issue of the magazine features each sign of the zodiac and has pullout posters, which accompany each mystical zodiacal realm. Very creative and unique.

Happi FoodHappi-food – A magazine that is simply a delight of delicious dishes that states: “Bring Soul into your Kitchen.” Foods that uplift as well as produce healthy results, a magazine full of zesty recipes that nurture your body, your soul, and your spirit.

From these magazines, you will find no cookie cutters; each one has its own unique spirit and personality, unique size, unique skin feel and color, in short, a unique persona, one of a kind. What I discovered on this particular trip abroad is how much easier I can rest when it comes to relevant print, for that relevant audience, with that relevant message. Talk about target marketing.

My spirit has been rejuvenated! What about yours?


  1. “My spirit has been rejuvenated! What about yours?” <–It sure has been after reading this post! Thanks Samir.

  2. I wept openly when I read this post, much as they did when the stone was rolled back from the opening of the tomb. Is it really possible that there is life after death? The contents of your suitcase may have provided the answer.

  3. My dear friend Samir is wonderfully all pumped up in the blog above about some new print titles coming out of Europe. Samir and I differ many times, about many parts of the future of our industry, but not about the beauty of print, and for the record I, too, think that is a wonderful thing.

    I would also point out to his readers, that our long-standing debates about our industry will continue unabated. So much so that several times this year Samir and I will be appearing at a dog and pony show near you to discuss the future of our business and whether or not it will be a paper and/or otherwise revenue related existence.

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