Inside the Black Box of “Business Black Box” Magazine. A New Business Model Emerges Before the Crash: Mr. Magazine’s™ Interview with Geoff Wasserman, Publisher and Jordana Megonigal,Editor-in-Chief of BBB.

April 22, 2013

Picture 46In the magazine media industry today, finding that new business model – the one that will bring back the results of revenue-days-gone-by – has become a priority. Experimenting with this and that, or that and this has become the first paragraph of most publishers’ daily journal entries.

Geoff Wasserman and Jordana Megonigal – publisher and editor-in-chief respectively of the regional Business Black Box magazine have whittled out a business model for themselves from talents and gifts that they’ve always had and created a “partnership” program that has taken their publication to new heights in the world of regional business magazines.

From events to full-page explosion ads to entire marketing campaigns, Wasserman and Megonigal have taken their marketing experience and applied it inward – to their print publication – to achieve a partnership program with their advertising clients that allow interaction and promotion of ideas among all their clients.

Roundtable discussions between bankers and lawyers turn into events that push their mutual interests – growing their businesses – forward and produce successful results for Wasserman and Megonigal’s clients, while increasing their own revenue streams significantly.

“So after three or four years we asked ourselves what is the strength that we have as a company? What’s the one thing we know we’re strong at, figure that out, and then use it,” Wasserman said.

The answer, of course, was they had a proven track record as a marketing team of growing businesses. The answer to that question developed into their new business model of ad partners that has them flourishing today.

And for most businesses, especially their partners, it’s comforting to know that the “Black Box” filled with the flight plan, the problems and a solution is right there onboard with them.

Click here to read the full Mr. Magazine™ interview with Wasserman and Megonigal.

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