Scoring a Strike Every Time. 100 Years of Bowlers Journal Magazine. The Mr. Magazine™ Interview with Keith Hamilton – President of Bowlers Journal International and the Man Behind the Ball.

April 16, 2013

BJI_1913_PG1sm Bowlers Journal celebrates 100 years of magazine history in 2013. And Keith Hamilton – the magazine’s president – says he’s looking forward to the next 100 with innovation and passion.

“The readers of Bowlers Journal love bowling. And they want to know everything about it. So we’ve always kept our niche and we’ve always understood who our market was,” he said.

Targeting that clearly identified audience with that relevant message, something Keith Hamilton believes in fully.

Bowlers J.3-291The print magazine may be the mainstay of the business, but he’s also not afraid of digital. Bowlers Journal Interactive, coupled with a newsletter that reaches around 800,000 people, is combining these two facets of today’s magazine media – print and digital – into an integrated entity that is working very successfully for Bowlers Journal.

But it’s also the man at the helm’s passion about his subject matter that injects that human touch and special spark that only our species can give to an object of our desire. Be it digital or be it print, the human being controls the creativity and ideology that can sustain a magazine, proving why Bowlers Journal has withstood the test of time and is still among the land of the living magazines today. And proving it very successfully, I might add.

keith-vanityAnd while Keith Hamilton is all about print integrated with digital, he still firmly believes that the ink on paper product lends credibility to the industry that no other entity does, while still acknowledging the fact that no magazine can be a “news-type” product anymore in our day and age. With the amount of information available today for the consumer provided by the web, he believes we have to delve deeper to find that kernel of knowledge not yet unearthed by the cosmic investigators of the internet. We have to utilize our creativity and abilities to bring the reader things they cannot find elsewhere.

A valid point in this digital age, where anything can be discovered with the touch of a fingertip.

The excitement of the magazine’s 100th anniversary has the entire staff excited and doubly-so for its president. It’s been a great centennial and the second one looks even better.

So enjoy Mr. Magazine’s™ bowling adventure/interview with the man scoring the strikes at Bowlers Journal and share the experience of a magazine that has outlived most humans alive today.

A feather in Father Time’s cap, to say the least, and a blessing to bowling lovers around the world.

Click here to read the Mr. Magazine™ Interview with Keith Hamilton, president of Bowlers Journal International.

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