Audience, Advertisers & Emloyees: Who’s the Most Important of Them All? Bernie Mann Will Tell You Who.

February 28, 2013

In an earlier blog, I talked about Passion, Emotions and Guts as an important and very much needed corner stones in the new magazine media business model. My friend Bernie Mann, publisher of Our State magazine in North Carolina, responded to my blog with the e-mail below. Wow, what an inspiring response and what an example to follow. I hope there are more owners and publishers who subscribe to “The Mann Way” in running their magazine media businesses. Read on and thank you Bernie for allowing me to share your email with the rest of the magazine media world:

I think I have 3 constituencies that are important to please. Audience, Advertiser and my employees. Who is the most important? Of course they all are crucial but without question my employees are the most important.

If my employees are passionate, happy and conscientious they will make my audience pleased with the product we produce and my advertisers will be happy too.

Bernard Mann
Our State Magazine


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