Newsweek in Print: All Over the World Except in The United States?

February 18, 2013

Picture 2Here is yet another update on Newsweek in print from a comment posted on the Mr. Magazine™ blog by J Ramos

AG is pleased to announce its partnership with Brazil’s Castelo de Pedra to publish Newsweek for newsstands in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

AG Publications has been producing Newsweek Pakistan since 2010, and Castelo de Pedra began publishing Newsweek for 28 Latin American countries earlier this month. The London-incorporated joint venture between these two companies, AG Castillo Media Limited, will publish Newsweek every week for newsstands in 55 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Production for all three hardcopy issues—available in 84 countries around the world—is managed by AG Publications in Lahore. The first AG-produced Latin America and EMEA editions of Newsweek (Feb. 4, 2013) hit stands this week.

AG Castillo Media’s directors comprise Fasih Ahmed, João Paulo Diniz, and Mauricio Weinstein.

For more information, please email desk@newsweek-emea.com

Here is my older blog entry:

Did the folks in Europe hear the news that Newsweek is now a digital only entity? After all the fanfare about morphing into a digital entity, my friend Branislav Ondrasik from the Pan European University in Bratislava, Solvakia emailed me a picture from a newsstand in the capital city with the comment questioning whether the folks at Newsweek “still believe there is market for it at least here.” He adds “Newsweek is on a newsstand in Bratislava, Slovakia and across the continent.” The proof is in the picture below. The cover is dated Feb. 13, 2013. Go figure!

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