Glenn Hansen, President & CEO at BPA Worldwide Reacts to My “All Good Print Magazines Go to Digital Heaven… or Do They?”

January 26, 2013

My friend Bob Sacks (www.bosacks.com) republished my blog entry All Good Print Magazines Go to Digital Heaven… Or Do They? on his electronic e-letter. Glenn Hansen, President and CEO at BPA Worldwide, responded to my blog entry to Bob. Bob, in turn, published the response on his e-letter. I have asked Mr. Hansen permission to post his response on my blog so my readers will have the opportunity to read it. Permission was granted and here is Glenn Hansen’s response:

Bob, Samir, as he often does to me, strikes a chord.

Can’t he come up with some successful converts to only digital to shine a light on the way forward?

Too easy to find the failures. He writes as if to say if you convert to digital only you are doomed. I realize that he is not saying that, but that is an impression I am left with. It’s as if he is saying, “if you are not a success in print, you cannot be a success in only digital”. Of course that is ludicrous seeing how many web sans print media outlets there are.

I agree that a print product may not sell as many subs or single copies as a tablet version as they did in print, but that may not be the goal of the media company. Further, undeniably it took the print version a number of years to get to it’s current rate base and not immediately out of the gate. I agree that from the conversion of print to an only digital product, if management loses its sense of purpose, the digital product will fail, but it’s not because it’s an “only digital” product, it’s because management did not make a compelling product taking full advantage of the technology available and were not good marketers getting the PR out.

SH wrote, “If your print product isn’t connecting with an audience, is it really going to flourish among a billion more nondescript URLs or a million other apps?”

Hell YES. But Samir seems to think it must flourish at the same rate base as its predecessor. That is not a requirement for financial success.

The smart entrepreneurial great communicator technologist can convert most any print brand into a going business as a only digital product. But I predict the pendulum will swing back on even the best of these folk and they will find print to be an avenue for communicating the digital brand.

Just me in the peanut gallery.
( Submitted BY Glenn Hansen, President & CEO at BPA Worldwide, name used upon request)

So, what do you think and do you have any success stories of print magazines that left print behind and are now thriving in the digital heaven? Please do not hesitate to comment, be specific and give me examples. Thank you.

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