“How to Make a MAGAZINE”: A Kid’s Guide and a Mr. Magazine™ Interview with Its Creators’ AppleSeeds™ Magazine Editors

January 16, 2013

Picture 76So you want to start a magazine? Believe it or not, even in a digital age, starting a magazine was, is and will continue to be a dream come true to many people of all ages. It is the first of three Fs that I believe every magazine person enjoys: Fun. A lot of fun. And, by the way if you want to know the other two Fs, here we go: Fame and Fortune.

I fell in love with magazines at age 9 and I started my first magazine at age 11 or so. When the folks at AppleSeeds magazine asked me if I would be interested in being the consulting editor for their upcoming special issue on How to Make a Magazine, needless to say I jumped at the opportunity. The magazine, now in its 15th year of publishing, is getting ready to release its special issue on magazine making, answering the many requests of its readers who “Want to know how we do it?” The February issue of the magazine will start mailing this week.

Once the magazine was put to bed, I reached out to Lou Waryncia, Editorial Director and Susan Buckley, Editor and asked them a few questions about the thinking behind doing a special issue of a children’s magazine on launching a magazine and about the future of printed magazines for kids in this digital age.

Picture 78Here is the Mr. Magazine™ Interview, in typical Mr. Magazine™ Interview lightly edited style, with Mr. Waryncia and Ms. Buckley:

Samir Husni: Myth has it that kids don’t read anymore and yet you publish several kids magazines. What gives? Do you know something folks don’t know?

Lou Waryncia: Kids do read….you just have to give them something that inspires them. And that’s what we try to do with all our various magazines. Our speciality is quality children’s content. We have a magazine for almost every interest. And we try to make it all fun, accessible, yet educational.

Susan Buckley: We think kids especially like a magazine format with high interest articles about subjects that THEY like. Short articles are fun for kids–just enough information to tickle them into finding out more!

Samir Husni: Not only do you publish kids’ magazines, but you are publishing a special issue of Appleseeds on starting magazines, why?

Lou Waryncia: Our readers gave us the idea. One question we get over and over from kids is “How do you put a magazine together?” We answered that question by creating a whole magazine issue about magazines. We wanted to show kids all the many components of putting together a magazine—-the research, writing, editing, art, photography—the whole creative process. AppleSeeds’ tag line is “Explore Your World,” and we think the magazine topic will let kids explore all the most fascinating aspects of creating a publication and the communication process.

Susan Buckley: We also knew this would be an opportunity to highlight the real people who make AppleSeeds happen every month, hoping that our readers will identify all of us as real people who have interesting jobs! We are especially delighted with the AppleSeeds Kids every month and wanted to highlight them and their talented creator, Annette Cate.

Samir Husni: What is the future of the printed word in this digital age?

Lou Waryncia: We believe in print. We believe in digital. AppleSeeds is available in both formats. We’re leaving it up to the reader to determine his or her format choice. Ultimately, we hope both formats will co-exist and provide us with a broader readership.

Susan Buckley: Lou says it all.

Samir Husni: What are YOUR plans for the future? Do you see a day where all the kids magazines will be digital only?

Lou Waryncia: AppleSeeds just launched a PDF digital edition. A more interactive digital edition will launch later this year. It’s too early to tell how the digital versions will be received. There is interest in both formats. Right now, I don’t see a digital-only publication such as AppleSeeds.

Susan Buckley: I love reading on my tablet, but I’m a real print person, so I hope we always have AppleSeeds in both digital and print.

Samir Husni: Any additional comments you would like to add….

Picture 80Susan Buckley: We hope this edition of AppleSeeds will be incredibly popular so that it will inspire our readers to create their own magazines–hoping they have as much fun doing it as we do! Thanks for your invaluable help, Mr. Magazine!

Samir Husni: Thank you.

To get your own copy of AppleSeeds, click here.

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