New Magazine Launches Return to 2007 Numbers: 830 Ink on Paper Magazines with 235 Published on a Regular Frequency…

December 16, 2012

Highlights HelloSay Hello to DuJour, but don’t wear a Blindfold while you Sew-It and are Cookin’ and eating Cake & Whiskey, while tending to your Babiekins!

As we approach the end of 2012, with 15 days to go, the number of new magazines appearing on the nation’s newsstands for the first time this year stands at 830, of which 235 of those magazines published with a regular frequency ( the highest number since 2007 when 245 titles appeared with a regular frequency) have also appeared for the first time.

Picture 9Picture 8As I mentioned in min: media industry newsletter in this week’s edition, two noteworthy points of interest:

The increase of the number of print magazines aimed at young children, including Highlights Hello – which is geared toward babies 0 – 3, and which I awarded this year’s inaugural Magazine Innovation Center’s “Innovation in Print” award for its creative use of ink and paper to reach the youngest magazine audience out there, and Ranger Rick Jr. magazine that arrived to the marketplace last month.

The degree of specialization has been on the increase and the use of digital technology to help create the printed product, such as: Howler, DuJour, Modern Cat, and Shoeholic. For more updates and information check minonline.com

What follows is a list of the 31 most notable launches of the past year in random order… and you can click here to see each and every one of the new magazines from Jan. 1 until Nov. 30, 2012. (Dec. launches will be posted Jan. 2, 2013).

Picture 6


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