New Magazines Continue to Arrive at the Marketplace at Record Rates: 78 in November Alone…

December 1, 2012

The Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor was able to locate and purchase a total of 78 new titles arriving at the nation’s stands for the first time in the month of November. From the 78 titles, 21 were published with an intended frequency and 57 were annuals, specials or book-a-zine.

The new titles covered every topic under God’s green earth, targeted every age group and every lifestyle. Take a look at six new magazines below and check the entire gallery here.

Capper's FarmerCovey RiseCroche 1•2•3Food FanaticsRanger Rick Jr.Kids Crafts 1•2•3

And the next time someone tells you print is dead, take them to visit a newsstand or check the racks at a grocery store and see if they can stick to their words that print is dead. New magazines are the best indicator that print is and will continue to be well and alive and the nation’s stands are the ONLY place where the “proof is in the pudding…”


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