Why Did Newsweek Charge Two Extra Dollars on the Newsstands for its “Obama Conquest” Issue?

November 21, 2012

I promise you I am not trying to beat a dead horse, but I was surprised to see a sticker (on most of the copies) of Newsweek’s Nov. 19 “The Obama Conquest” election special issue. As you can see from the image (upper left) the regular price of the magazine on the newsstands is $4.99 (that is how much I paid for my copy at Books-A-Million). However the same issue at Barnes and Noble and Wal-Mart had a sticker on the cover hiding the original price and selling the magazine for $6.99 (upper right) instead of $4.99.

It is yet another sign of the confusion taking place at a magazine that once was part of a good healthy institution of weeklies in these United States of America. In the weeks past and, I am sure, in the weeks to come, more stories and interviews (sorry excuses) will be told and given for the demise of Newsweek in print. Do the audience and the history of such an institution a favor, be merciful and hasten its demise so the poor patient, sorry magazine, may rest in peace! Stop prolonging the agony.


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  1. Newsweek was Overpriced at $4.99…….

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