When You Underestimate the Power of Print… You Stop Believing in the Magic of Creativity.

October 26, 2012

The Magazine Innovation Center’s third ACT (Amplify, Clarify & Testify the power of print) just ended after three days of magazines, music and Mississippi. This year’s theme was Never Underestimate Print in a Digital Age.

What follows is the introduction that I wrote for the ACT 3 Experience’s program:

In 1962 I was introduced to the most magical experience of my life: the world of magazines. I was 9 years old and a new magazine was being advertised on television. That year Superman magazine arrived to Lebanon, and so was the heart of “Mr. Magazine™.”

Print is infectious and tangible. It’s the slick, shiny fashion magazines and the comics that kids have loved for generations. It’s that bewitching block of time where you sit mesmerized with your cup of coffee or your glass of wine and let the content of your favorite read transport you to that beach on the coast, or that cabin in the mountains. It is the experience that goes beyond the content. And if publisher’s today wouldn’t be so hasty as to put it out to pasture like an old nag who has served its purpose, it would be as stable today as it was thirty years ago.

To the naysayers of my last declaration, I say, prove it otherwise. I say, put as much thought, creativity and positive energy into print as you do digital and just see what happens.

Amplify, Clarify and Testify means just what it says. Amplify print, don’t smother it. Clarify print by distinguishing your brand with an indelible watermark that can’t be faded by the eons of cyber time that only last for a second. And then Testify about the results.

And if you gear your magazine media toward customers who count, instead of counting the customers you fear aren’t out there, I think you’ll be amazed at those results.

ACT III is the place for you to become fired up about print. It’s the round where you can dance to a different tune. Disco may be dead, but print isn’t. This years’ experience will celebrate and facilitate the creativity and longevity that print demands. Like a fine wine, print never goes bad or out of style. It is the mainstay of our industry that is proven and stationary, while digital roams cyberspace from the unverifiable realms to the unbelievable sectors.

As professionals, we cannot discount our digital audience either, however, but we can let print and digital co-exist if we are as creative and imaginative as both mediums demand and deserve. Audience first, or like I call it, customers first, should be our motto and guideline in every and all what we do in the magazine media of today and tomorrow.

We are here to serve our customers, with whatever venue they allow, but print has and is a relevant source for our customers. We must re-invent the excitement and the experience for our customers.

Like Clark Kent, my alter ego believes in unleashing power too: the power of print. The letters of print stand for something and here it is:

P: Power
R: Readers
I: Innovation
N: Nurturing
T: Tenacity

And that is the Power of Print.

So, enjoy the ACT III experience and fire up your creativity, folks, because you’re in for one heckuva’ ride! Let us unleash the power of print together…

Stay tuned for the ACT 4 Experience next October.

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