The Man Behind FLAUNT Magazine: Luis Barajas’ Love Affair with Magazines. The Mr. Magazine™ Interview.

June 21, 2012

To paraphrase an old saying, behind every great magazine there is a great person. Well, behind the most interactive printed magazine FLAUNT (see my tour inside the pages of the magazine here) is a great man: FLAUNT’s co-founder and editor in chief of the magazine Luis Barajas. I reached out to Luis via Skype and conducted an interview with him about his love affair with magazines, the story of FLAUNT, the creative designs behind the magazine, the ideas behind the covers of FLAUNT, the genesis of the denim issue, the future and of course, what keeps him up at night.

Enjoy this Mr. Magazine’s™ flaunt, and lightly edited, interview with Luis Barajas, co-founder and editor in chief of FLAUNT magazine:

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  1. Thank you for this fabulous interview with Luis from Flaunt. I enjoyed your questions that really brought forth a very telling story from Luis. His passion spills forth in every sentence.

    I too am a print lover. It is truly enjoyable to turn the page, and allow the beauty to unfold, something the electronic media does not master for me. It saddens me that economics has halted my well loved ritual of travelling to the bookstores, grabbing several gorgeous magazines and heading home to lounge with them. My subcriptions have dwindled to those that I buy from my nieces and nephews school fundraisers. But, I look forward to the days ahead when my self indulgence and print love affair yet again rejoice with abundance.

    Thank you again for introducing me to Luis, and his beloved Flaunt. Truly adorable man, and I am so happy to hear how he supports the young doe-eyed talent. He is truly a dream weaver, and may his kingdom continue to grow!

    As for the future of print, I would like to see the print media collaborate on making it excitiing to support the purchases. Evironmentally the young people have heard for years not support waste of the trees, which has lead to paper manufacturer’s to come up with inventive new ways to produce the recycled options. But, I think as consumers it has been drummed in so long that it is almost like breathing not to purchase print. It would be lovely to try and undue some of that to create an exclusivity in being able to purchase print. Making it cool, sexy, hip to be seen carrying a magazine like Flaunt.It’s not just for coffee tables! PR and media teams are more than capable but I think it needs to be a strong collaborative mission. Much like, a “got milk” campaign. Dairy farmers struggle with milk sales after years of consumers being told that drinking milk is not something we should do. Then along comes a huge campain… and it is working. Sales are getting stronger.

    Thanks again Mr. Magazine! 🙂

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