FLAUNT: The Most Interactive Print Magazine Yet… and No Batteries or Smart Phones Are Needed!

June 19, 2012

When issue 122 of FLAUNT magazine landed on my desk, my initial reaction was WOW! I love this magazine and it is one of the few magazines that I have collected every single issue since its inception. The special collector’s Denim issue exceeded all my expectations when it came to innovation in FLAUNT in particular and in print in general. Innovation is nothing new to the folks at FLAUNT. Almost every issue of the magazine is a collector’s item by itself, but with issue 122 they’ve outdone themselves and every thing else they’ve done with the magazine.

Almost 300 pages of ink on paper surrounded by a cover printed on denim and a whole lot of pull outs, fold outs, postcards, maps and even a denim handkerchief folded neatly inside a jeans back pocket… I can go on and on describing this latest issue of the magazine, but instead I’ve opted to show it to you via video because I know some of you will not take my word for it, so here we go take a look at the video and enjoy what print, and only print, can offer in a digital age.

A side note, in honor of the FLAUNT’s Denim issue, I’ve got my jeans on today!


  1. Professor Husni, great Flaunt video presentation, complete in every way. I stumbled on a copy of #122, the “Denim” issue of Flaunt magazine, last week at my favorite full sized Newsstand, initially thinking it was a “coffee table” art book at the bargain price of $10.95. My reaction when I carefully opened it up (to preserve the shrink wrap to recover) was shock at how many cool and clever display Ads there were inside, especially the Postcard and Bandana. What a total bargain for it’s cover price. This is, as you so correctly stated, a truly interactive print vehicle. It’s something TV, Video, Radio and the Web could never replicate. This is how to make your Print Brand stand out…notwithstanding having nursing mothers on your cover!

  2. Really clever, interesting, innovative – who’s the printer, I’d love to hear their experience!

  3. […] great magazine there is a great person. Well, behind the most interactive printed magazine FLAUNT (see my tour inside the pages of the magazine here) is a great man: FLAUNT’s co-founder and editor in chief of the magazine Luis Barajas. I reached […]

  4. Simply wonderful.
    A delight for readers – impact for advertisers
    And at 300 pages, the publisher is doing pretty damn good too!

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