TIME Magazine and The Power of Print: Creating and Continuing the Conversation

May 11, 2012

This week’s cover of TIME magazine created more buzz than any many cover in recent memory… and it did not have to do with a celebrity or scandal.  It dealt with a very real subject with a very real human being.  Here is the cover to judge for yourself and here are two of the many links in which I have offered my views on the subject matter:

The first is in the LA Times and the second is in CommPro.biz

In short, in this digital age where everything travels faster than a speeding bullet, this cover, in print, has been able to stop people in their tracks, create a conversation and carry on with the conversation like no other medium has done before.  There is still plenty of life in good print.  There is a print life after digital.  Today and tomorrow.  So, never underestimate the power of print in a digital age. Never!

And here is the video for the CommPro.biz interview…


  1. Professor Husni
    Congratulations on your most appropriate comments and response to the Time Breastfeeding cover in the LA Times. You are right, this story is all over Social Media. Thanks for adding to this fascinating story…….Print is STILL Alive & Kicking Tail…..not the cover story topic!

  2. […] Magazine and The Power of Print: Creating and Continuing the Conversation May 11, […]

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