“A Great Magazine is a Joy to Behold.” Introducing Quilty magazine For the Love of Quilts and Magazines

May 10, 2012

In the sea of new magazines, almost 60 new titles arrive at the newsstands every month, it is always a delight when one magazine stops you in your tracks and demands attention, much more attention than the rest of its siblings.  Quilty is the new magazine for “fresh patchwork + modern quilts.”  However, it was not the cover that demanded that attention nor the cover price.  It was the editorial written by Mary Fons, Quilty’s editor.

Ms. Fons’ love of magazines and the media is in her blood.  Her grandmother ran her town’s newspaper, her mother co-created Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine and both of her sisters are busy bees in the world of media.  Ms. Fons starts her letter from the editor by the profound confession, ” I adore magazines.”  She goes on to write,

If they are made of paper, I bend them, fold them, dogear them.  I tack torn-out pages on the walls of my office; I rip out images to stick on my fridge.  My magazines get wet, get crinkled, get read.

If I’m reading a magazine on a screen — which happens more and more, I notice — I click with wild abandon. I gleefully bookmark.  I zoom in, I zoom out.  I forcibly close the nine shopping carts I open. (Usually.)

As I mentioned earlier, Mary Fons comes from a family of “image and word people. Idea people.  And a magazine is the perfect vehicle for timely, consumable ideas.”

A great maiden-voyage editorial and a great maiden-voyage issue of a great new magazine: Quilty.  Add to that a very smart-named web site  http://www.heyquilty.com

Indeed, magazines are all about ideas, consumable ideas that go beyond good content to great experiences.  Pick up one today and enjoy!

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  1. How can I get a subscription for Quilty, I love it.

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