Garden & Gun’s editor-in-chief David DiBenedetto to Samir Husni: We Are Not in the Business of Bashing Other Magazines…

March 1, 2012

In the spirit of more is less, the editor in chief of Garden & Gun magazine, David DiBenedetto, decided to respond to The Oxford American’s editor Marc Smirnoff’s 3,600-word “critical analysis” of G&G. His response, exclusively via the Mr. Magazine™ blog follows:

Garden & Gun is not in the business of bashing other magazines, especially Southern ones. And while Mr. Smirnoff is entitled to his 3,600-word (and by his own admission “biased”) opinion, he seems to have either ignored or just not paid much attention to the bulk of G&G’s content. It would most likely come as a surprise to the many Southern artisans, craftsmen, farmers, shop owners, musicians, artists, authors, designers, dog trainers, sportsmen, chefs, barkeeps, filmmakers, pit masters, and others whom we’ve featured to learn that they don’t represent the real South. It would also surprise the long list of great writers who have contributed to G&G (some of whom, as Mr. Smirnoff notes, also contribute to the Oxford American) to hear that their work is devoid of substance. In any case, we do agree that the South is a big, dynamic, and diverse place, and there is more than enough room for a variety of viewpoints and magazines—even those that don’t appreciate a good porch. – David DiBenedetto

Read my interview with the editor of The Oxford American Marc Smirnoff below.


  1. I didn’t read the critical analysis, but I have read G&G. I have to say (and Mr. Husni can probably back me up on this) that there are many magazines that are “devoid of substance” in both the North and the South…..but G&G didn’t strike me as one of them.

  2. Smirnoff’s life won’t be worth living when DiBenedetto gets him in the sights of his $37,000 Purdey & Sons 12-gauge side-by-side with the rose and scroll silver engraving and English walnut straight grip stock. And I cannot believe that the editor of GAG is sitting there with some stupid dog that’s clearly not a beagle, the Rolls Royce of hunting dogs.

    • That’s a Boykin Spaniel.

      • The Nissan Maxima of dogs. I read that in Garden & Gun, you know.

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