Seeing Doubles: When a “New Trend” is NOT a “New Trend”?

February 8, 2012

Few days back I read an article in a major newspaper touting the fact that Harper’s Bazaar is using a split cover in its March issue. Little the reporter knew that Harper’s Bazaar has been doing split covers for few years now. In fact, it is not the only magazine taking advantage of the “cheap” technology and splitting its covers between different areas of the country or between single copy and subscribers’ editions. The covers below show few magazines with double covers during the Feb./March issues of 2012. So, before you name a trend new, check the facts, or in this case, check the covers. Enjoy!

Do you still think it is a new trend? Think again.

One comment

  1. Not only is it not a new trend, but it’s one that several of the magazines above really didn’t use to its fullest. Why would you bother printing split covers if you’re essentially only flipping the cover horizontally?

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