Introducing the All New Mr. Magazine™ Website, Blogs & Consulting Services…

January 16, 2012

The new year brings complete renewal for the Mr. Magazine™ website, blogs and consulting and research services. The website www.mrmagazine.com has a new look with links to all of Mr. Magazine™ blogs. The Mr. Magazine™ blogs are now divided into the different areas of interest to readers and users of Mr. Magazine™ websites and services. The sites were completely redesigned and a new logo has been introduced. The new logo, designed by Mr. Magazine™ webmaster and managing editor Allen Thigpen, reflects Mr. Magazine™’s love of magazines and his side-kick love of neckties. Click on the image below to see the full logo “experience.”

The new website is now linked directly to nine sites that are organized as such:

The Mr. Magazine™ Blog

Mr. Magazine™ Interviews

Mr. Magazine™ Consulting and Research Services

Mr. Magazine™ Press

Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor

Mr. Magazine™ Books and Links

About Mr. Magazine™

Magazine Innovation Center

ACT Experience: The Magazine Innovation Center’s Amplify, Clarify and Testify Annual Experience

I hope that you will find the new website and blogs useful and helpful. As I always tell folks, we are no longer just content providers, we have to be experience makers. I hope you will enjoy this new experience.


One comment

  1. Congratulations on your new look and to a new year with Mr. Magazine!

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