Mr. Magazine™ Tales: A Magazine You Need a Bar of Soap to Read, a Magazine’s Name Erased and Few Other Magazine Stories to Start the New Year

January 9, 2012

Only one magazine dares to do what Colors did: Publish a special issue on shit. Only one magazine dares to publish with its name erased: The Believer. Only one magazine dares to offer its readers to be Dangerous and Good at the same time: The Christian Sportsman magazine. The aforementioned magazines are not but three magazines that ushered the new year with magazine tales which make reality seem like a piece of fiction.

Colors magazine, the quarterly published by United Colors of Benetton, opted to launch a special issue on a taboo topic that is next to rare to address in a magazine, let alone the cover of the magazine. The topic, Shit: A survival Guide, “Feces. Excrement. Stool. Poop. Caca. Its name changes but not most people’s reaction to it.” That must be the reason that the magazine offered a bar of soap on its back cover to probably wash your hands after the magazine editors “introduce you properly to shit: you won’t regard it.”
Front and back covers of Colors

The Believer, the nine times a year publication, opted to start its first issue of the new with an erased name, some titles, a picture and few page numbers. Following its lead story theme “What’s left behind by the erasurist” the magazine indeed used what looks like “liquid white out” to cover some of its cover lines and pictures including the name of the magazine. Those who are familiar with The Believer will recognize the magazine shape and design, but what about those first time buyers? Maybe the mere fact that a magazine uses “liquid white-out” may grab someone’s interest to pick up the magazine and discover the great stuff inside. I can’t wait to hear the retailers reaction to this daring stunt!
Jan. 2012 and Nov./Dec. 2011 covers of The Believer

The Christian Sportsman magazine mission “encourages and empowers sportsmen to discover and develop a deep passion for Jesus Christ in the context of outdoor adventure.” The quarterly magazine wants to present “great opportunity for men to become Dangerous for Good as followers of Jesus Christ in an increasingly secular culture.” The magazine’s call for the new year, “let us purpose this coming year to be God’s man on the edge of danger!”
The Christian Sportsman Volume #22

Reality Weekly, the first brand new magazine to be published in 2012, claims to be TV’s #1 New Magazine, and they are indeed correct: they are #1 TV New Magazine and they are published weekly. Content wise, on the other hand, is lots and lots of the ol’ same ol’ same news about reality TV star and starlets. The Kims (yes, that is Kim Kardashian for those aliens who do not inhabit the earth) of this world finally have a magazine they can call their own. With a low price of $1.79 that, in reality, is a true representation of the value of those “reality stars” more than that of the ink on paper the magazine costs to purchase. Is there any thing real about reality TV?
Reality Weekly first issue

First Prevention Guide wants you to reset your Body Clock then they want you to Get A Wow Body! Two Prevention Guides at the nation’s stands, each costing $3.99, and each helping women (big surprise here) find “Easy, Natural Feel-Good Weight Loss” in one and “Tighten & Tone Every Inch: Blast 5 Pounds In 6 Days” in the other. Sometimes, I can’t but wonder how many ways you can really skin a cat? Judge for yourself.
Body Clock Reset Guide and Get A Wow Body!

Even the Slow Cooker is now Skinny. Skinny Slow Cooker is the latest entry from Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications. The magazine offers “125 light & luscious recipes” all under 400 calories or less. It is good to know that the recipes are the ones that are slimmed down and not the Slow Cooker itself. The magazine promises “this collection of slimmed-down slow cooker recipes, you’ll find more than 100 dishes to feed your family, your friends, or even a crowd.”
Skinny Slow Cooker (the magazine)

OK Special
is the first special issue from the weekly magazine OK Weekly published by American Media, Inc. The issue is devoted to “Hollywood’s 25 Hottest Diets & Sexiest Bodies!” With almost the same number of pages of the weekly but double the price, this special issue promises to have “the right diet for you.” I know we are a nation of addicts when it comes to celebrities and diets, maybe the combo of the aforementioned will be yet another “sprinkle” in our recipe of “feeding the addiction.”
OK Special issue

Last tale but not least, is LIFE America Revealed magazine which is “A Reissue of LIFE’S Classic Book,” aimed at “Tracing Our History Beneath the Surface and Behind the Scenes.” A reissue for $12.99 at the check-out counters of the grocery stores. Who said magazines are cheap? I wonder what was the original price for the book before this reissue as a magazine, only ten years after the original launch of the book. If you think reissuing a book as a magazine is hard to believe, wait until you see all the magazines that are “reissued” with the statement on their covers, “Back by Popular Demand!” Enough said and enough tales for now. More to come, and that is a promise and not a threat. Enjoy.
LIFE American Revealed


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