The NFL Wants to Use an Ink on Paper Magazine to Draft the Fans

November 16, 2011

Still looking for another reason to believe in print? You do not have to wait for Santa. Just check the latest announcement from the National Football League (NFL). The NFL is launching a new magazine in print and the first collector’s edition issue is hitting the newsstands in December, “just in time for the holidays.”

The amazing thing about the official NFL magazine is the subscription campaign the NFL is running on the magazine’s website. Plenty of comparisons to social media and the web, and not the highly complementary comparisons. Some of such comparisons:

“NFL Magazine covers the game with insight no tweet, click, or post can match.”
“NFL Magazine will tell you in ways you haven’t seen in a post or in a tweet.”
“We’ve got insider perspective. In-depth coverage from contributors who know every inch of the league.”

The ink on paper magazine will make its debut on December 13 and will publish monthly at the rate of $19.90 for 12 issues. By the way, subscriptions to the official magazine of the NFL includes a free subscription to the its digital issues. Check the latest on the NFL official magazine here.


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