Something to hold and own for everyone and every taste: That’s what new magazines offer readers of print in a digital age

September 21, 2011

To paraphrase the old saying, “one magazine is worth a 1,000 blogs.” So, without further ado, here are some new magazines making their first debut to the nation’s newsstand this month. Some are brand new, some were never distributed on the stands before. In either case, those titles from major, minor and somewhere in-between publishers, show the vitality and variety of the new magazine titles. There is a new magazine for every taste, every gender, every race, every (you fill in the blank)…

Here is a sample of those magazines with direct quotes from the pages of each one of the titles. Enjoy, visit a newsstand and buy one or two of those magazines, or one of the many other titles you will find and discover. Contrary to rumors, there are plenty of ink on paper magazines out there. Check them out.

“Welcome to the launch issue of The Social Media Monthly, the first print (yes, print) magazine devoted to the exploration and review of social media.”

“We are proud to introduce – and welcome you to- Exploring History. Just as National Geographic has been revealing the wonders of the world to readers for more than a century, this magazine will dig deep to unlock the mysteries of time, from the dawn of civilization to the modern era.”

Bitayavon Magazine is a compilation of loads of exciting and mouthwatering recipes and tips for the kosher cook.”

“You’ll notice that we’ve now placed an emphasis on the Intelligent Collector part of the cover title. We believe this more succinctly tells readers what we’re all about.”

“The team at Overland Journal started a new adventure, one quite different from the typical border crossings and desert travel we had enjoyed as travelers – we started a magazine.”

“Vegas is a city for those who want it all, and Vegas/Rated is the window onto this world. From cover to cover, Vegas/Rated brings the city beyond its borders and tells the new story of one of America’s most iconic destinations.”

“Welcome! Strawberry Shortcake magazine is packed with all your berry best pals! This issue is full of stories, coloring, puzzles, fun facts, and MORE!”

“What better way to kick off the summer than with our first TQ Magazine Bikini Issue. Our talented team of photographers, writers and graphic designers were thrilled with the idea of a bikini issue. After countless hours of collaboration, we are truly impressed with our final product.”

Uptown Professional is the new national, cutting-edge magazine for Urban Professionals with 5 or more years experience in corporate America. Covering relevant topics for African American, Hispanic, Asian, Women and GLBT professionals.”

“We want you to see firsthand just how good our crossword magazines are.” The new series of magazines under the 97 cents Value Series from Dell offers a variety of monthly titles such as Tip-Top Easy Crosswords and Take-a-Break Easy Crosswords.

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  1. […] Something to hold and own for everyone and every taste: That’s what new magazines offer readers of print in a digital age […]

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