Rave Previews for the ACT2 Experience… Register Today, Space is Limited to 100

August 3, 2011

The previews for the Magazine Innovation Center’s ACT2 Experience, “Restart Your Engines: The Future of the Printed Word in a Digital Age,” are starting to appear. Media Industry Newsletter (min) and The New Single Copy newsletter previewed the ACT2 Experience in their August 1, 2011 editions. The ACT 2 Experience is limited to 100 “experience makers.” To be one of the 100, you need to register today because once the 100 slots are filled, you will have to wait for next year. The ACT 2 Experience takes place Oct. 26 thru Oct. 28 at the campus of the University of Mississippi Meek School of Journalism and New Media. To register click here or visit http://www.magazineinnovationcenter.org/act2

Here is The New Single Copy Preview:

ACT2 Experience. The Second Act Set for
Mississippi in October

The Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi will be the scene for the second edition of the ACT Experience, called “Restart Your Engines: The Future of the Printed Word in a Digital Age.” The dates are October 26 to 28, 2011. The director of the Innovation Center is Samir Husni, journalism professor at the University. Among the speakers will be Frank Anton, CEO of Hanley-Wood; Scott Crystal, former president of TV Guide; Sid Evans, group editor, Time Inc. Lifestyle Division; Phyllis Hoffman DePiano, CEO, Hoffman Media; Kent Johnson, CEO of Highlights for Children, Inc.; Steven Kotok, president, The Week; Will Pearson, president, Mental Floss Inc.; Roy Reiman, founder, Reiman Publications; Sue Roman, president, The Taunton Press; Bob Sacks (AKA BoSacks), Precision Media Group; and John Harrington, publisher/editor, The New Single Copy. Other speakers and participants include Vito Di Bari, designer and futurologist (Italy); Scott Coopwood, publisher, Delta magazine; James Elliott, the James G. Elliott Co.; Nina Gerwin founder, Eye Capture; Jeremy Leslie, editorial designer and founder, magCulture.com (U.K.); David McDonald, CEO, True North Custom Media; Mark Pasetsky, founder, Cover Awards; and Franska Stuy, editor in Chief, Libelle (The Netherlands). Husni also plans a panel, featuring printers and paper company executives, on “The Future of the Printed Word.” For more information on ACT2, go to http://www. mrmagazine.com/act/.

The first edition of ACT, which stands for amplify, clarify, testify, was held in October 2010. It differed from any other publishing conference I have ever attended. To some degree, it was because of the eclectic group of speakers, but it was also elevated because of the university atmosphere, and the participation of the university’s journalism students, who contributed an enthusiasm and excitement that convinced the grayer heads that there will be a future for print in the age of digital.■

And here is the min preview:


Newest hat worn by the University of Mississippi journalism professor and Guide to New Magazines author is Magazine Innovation Center founder (July 2009), and in that capacity Husni will host the second ACT (amplify, clarify, and testify) conference on the Ole Miss campus from October 26-28. Theme is Restart your engines: the future of the printed word in a digital world, and the faculty includes the recently hired Time Inc. Lifestyle Division group editor Sid Evans, ex-TV Guide president Scott Crystal, The Week president Steven Kotok, Hanley-Wood ceo Frank Anton, and Reiman Publications founder (1965) Roy Reiman. Returning from last year’s inaugural Reimagining our future while we still have time are The New Single Copy editor/publisher John Harrington, and Precision Media Group founder/ president Bob Sacks (better known for his bosacks.com Web monicker).


  1. How much did you pay that shill to write that?

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