Is Traditional Anything Not in Vogue Anymore? And Other Random Notes…

July 15, 2011

In this day and age it seems that anything traditional has no value. Everyone wants the new and now. Even Traditional Home magazine, the Meredith publication, is testing a new name TRADhome instead of Traditional Home. Take a look at both covers of the July-August issue of the magazine.

And while we are at the subject of Meredith, Ladies’ Home Journal sported two different images of their celebrity cover star Valerie Bertinelli, one in front of the beach and the other in front of the pool. My guess they were thinking about all their audience, the coastal ones and the ones who live in the midland.

And just in case you did not have the chance to catch a copy of the now famous “runaway bride” cover of the July issue of Playboy, here is the two covers of the magazine. The one without the sticker is the one that arrived early on the newsstands, before the bride changed her mind. The “sticker to the rescue” cover was the one harder to find on the stands.

Last but not least, while it seems that everyone is downsizing these days, Martha Stewart’s Everyday FOOD has just published an up-sized special issue to go along its “little engine that could” the digest size successful magazine.

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