A good magazine cover for all the wrong reasons… or is it the right reasons?

June 8, 2011

Magazines are all about emotions and magazine covers are where those emotions start. So, when I saw this bright reddish/orange magazine cover of Monster Children magazine on the newsstand, it stirred some emotions in me forcing me to pick it up. Then, I read the cover lines, since there was nothing else on the cover except the solid reddish/orange color. The cover lines said,

I Was Feeling Nothing
I Went Shopping
I Bought This Magazine
I Still Feel Nothing

Well, I bought the magazine. I was feeling something. I was shopping for magazines. I bought this magazine. I now feel more things.

An excellent creative idea to design a cover when you have nothing to put on the cover. Feelings, or the lack of feelings, are both emotions. Emotions trigger sales. Sales trigger higher newsstand revenues, especially when the cover price is $9.00. Maybe, after all, Monster Children meant the cover to stir those emotions so folks will buy it. Well, it worked for me. Will it work for you? Let me know.



  1. Surprisingly it worked on me also!
    What surprises me more is that i’m a journalism/advertising major and i’m not desensitized to this clever marketing yet!
    Awesome read though, I wasn’t the slightest bit disappointed. 🙂

  2. Yeah monsterchildren is usually a damned fine read…haven’t picked up my copy yet.

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