Bloomberg Businessweek’s More than One Way…

February 6, 2011

A big pink “My Way” may be on the cover of your Jan. 31 – Feb. 6, 2011 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. And the reason I say may be is really very simple. The magazine is testing a cover flap on some newsstands (similar to that of The New Yorker’s cover flap) with more traditional cover lines and a very small magazine name. In fact if you remove the flap, the cover of the magazine is nothing but a black and white picture of Google’s new CEO Larry Page with even a much smaller “My Way” in the lower left corner of the page.

Take a look at both covers before and after the flap is opened.

Unlike the majority of the covers displayed at bookstores and that arrived at subscribers mailboxes, this new test seems to be a first departure from the recently redesigned magazine. While the cover test reveals a stunning use of black and white photography and typography, the cover flap however, provides a much easier way to skim, glance and read some of the important issues covered inside the now “must-read” weekly business magazine. This seems to be yet another major step for the not-so-new Bloomberg Businessweek to differentiate itself from other business titles in the marketplace and to reestablish its brand as the business market leader.

A job very well done. Enjoy!



  1. I have a copy of “Mr.” Vol. 1 No. 1, published in 1937 by the Exposed Publishing Company, Madison Avenue, NY. Anyone have any history on this? I’ve hit a dead end.

    • Some editors are so smart and creative. Finding one who has both skills would be amazing.

      I wish I could find and Editor in Chief who wanted this jobs: http://www.filcro.com/Editorial.html someone who has the same talents that the editor at Businessweek does.

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