Innovation in Print: A Head, A Magazine and A Lot of Sifting… McSweeney’s Number Thirty-Six

December 21, 2010

Taking the literary definition of a magazine as a storehouse, Dave Eggers and his team at Timothy McSweeney’s, delivers one of the best stores that can only be build in print. Inside the “head”, aka the store, McSweeney’s offers “a headful of new and unseen work” by Michael Chabon, John Brandon, Jack Pendarvis and Adam Levin among others. As you sift through the head you will find a roll of “fortunes” including the one that informs you that “Oliver Pratt is your real dad. Sorry for the late notice;” A “Catfish Scene” painting in four postcards; A mini “Fancy Times” book-a-zine; a novel in a bag; a mini booklet; and many other good, really good stuff, as you can see in the picture below.

The experience, and yes, it is an experience to open the “head” and take a peek inside. Pulling the ten different “products” from inside “the store,” the reader, turned shopper, gathers a wealth of information that is both entertaining and informative. An experience made for print and print only. And before your head starts spinning, take a look at the products inside the store.

In order for you to see the entire spinning store, I have shot of a mini video showing all sides of McSweeney’s Issue 36.

As for what is under the “head” or at the bottom of the store, well, I am not going to spoil all your fun. You have to buy the magazine to find out. Enjoy the experience! It is worth every penny of the $26 cover price.

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