An Industry Gone Insane: When One Issue Costs More Than a Year’s Subscrioption

December 17, 2010

Every now and then, something on the newsstands really makes me shiver. I was doing my morning rounds on the newsstands and picked up a copy of the new issue of Interview magazine. The cover price: $9.00. Not a big surprise. Lately,I have been paying $9.00, $10.00 and $11.00 for single copy issues. However, the minute I opened the magazine the subscription card (the dandruff of our industry, as many like to call the sub. cards) fell to the ground. When I picked it up, it screamed at me, “You stupid Samir, you are going to spend $9.00 for one issue, when you could have received an entire year, 10 issues, for $8.00.”

A year for a price less than a single issue? Is this insanity or what? Next time when you read that the single copy sales are down, please do not blame the distributors or retailers.

Take a look our magazine industry practices and then judge for yourself. By the way, I wish I can say that this is the first time I write about Interview magazine and this practice, but it is not. I have written about it before and will continue to do so until we stop this insane practice of raising the cover price and reducing the subscription price so readers can save more that 90% of the cover price. It is insanity that needs to stop. We have to value the experiences we create, if our readers, users, listeners, viewers, all those so-called customers are to value those experiences. The time has come for our industry to change its old practices. This is NOT the 20th Century, and Interview magazine is NOT alone using this method of pricing for single copy and subscriptions!


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  2. So much for the new consumer-centric publishing business models.

  3. Well, this definitely proves to me that we are so concerned with our subs, we will do ANYTHING to up those numbers, even if it means killing our sell-through. Wow. We definitely need to rethink.

  4. Doesn’t matter anyhow. Andy Warhol would be ashamed to see what that magazine has turned in to. Not only is the design so difficult to sit through, let alone read, you’re lucky if they manage to get it out the door on time. I’ve had a subscription for over a year and on three occasions have been told an issue had yet to be published due to “production difficulties” and that it would be late by weeks. Please! Coming from publishing, the only production issue they’re having is poor ad sales and not being able to meet their deadlines. Weak sauce. Subscription = canceled.

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