Innovation in Print: When Tech and Content Meet: Happy Father’s Day the Sactown Magazine Way…

June 18, 2010

A lot has been written about the “scratch-and-sniff” cover of this month’s issue of Sactown magazine, the city magazine of Sacramento, CA. Sactown ventured into a new “value added print” (VAP) by introducing a scratch and sniff coating on the cover that makes the reader actually smell the slice of orange. FIPP Magazine World also introduces with this issue a “Peel ‘n Taste strip, one of the newest and most innovative techniques available in print magazine publishing.”

But the founders of Sactown magazine did not stop their innovation there. In addition to the technological innovation with the scratch and sniff cover, Rob Turner and his wife Elyssa Lee opted to innovate editorially with the masthead of the magazine. In celebration of Father’s Day this coming Sunday, the two decided to list every body on the masthead of the magazine as the son or daughter of rather than the given names of the staffers. Each and every staffer is listed as Son of or Daughter of.
A great combination of technological and editorial innovation that is just one example of how magazines are more than just content providers, but rather they are experience makers. Thank you Rob and Elyssa and Happy Father’s Day to all.

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