So What Do You Do? Mediabistro.com Asks and Mr. Magazine™ Answers

May 26, 2010

If print is dead, Samir Husni has been working in a mausoleum. Running a $30,000 annual tab for his magazine collection, the issues are overflowing from his three storage units and onto his office floor and couch at the University of Mississippi, where he educates the next wave of journalists and runs the Magazine Innovation Center.

The aforementioned is the lead to an interview Blake Gernstetter mediabistro.com’s associate editor conducted with me and is published today in the Interview section on mediabistro.com

Part of an ongoing weekly segment on mediabistro.com “So What Do You Do” the interview sheds some light on both the personal and professional life of media folks.

Click here to read the mediabistro.com interview with me, “So What Do You Do, Samir Husni, Mr. Magazine? Husni shares his take on monetizing digital content and the outlook for print publications.”


  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Samir Husni, Blake Gernstetter. Blake Gernstetter said: RT @MrMagazine: So What Do You Do? Mediabistro.com asks and Mr. Magazine™ answers. http://wp.me/p3FXF-We […]

  2. Hello Samir, Mr. Magazine,

    I enjoyed reading this interview on MediaBistro.com. Towards the end, you mention an upcoming event that the Magazine Innovation Center will host. You refer to it as an event where participants can “amplify, clarify, and testify.” Do you have more event info that you could share? I saw the Oct. 20-22 dates listed. Any more info?

    Enjoyed the interview. Magazines really are quite fascinating. I especially like the picturesque magazines…and O , The Oprah Magazine.

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