Innovation in Print: The Qlix’s Experience Tenisha Anderson’s New Magazine in an Envelope

February 5, 2010

They say good things come in small packages, and they are right! When the first issue of Qlix magazine landed on my desk, WOW, was my first reaction. I know I have been writing about innovation in print every now and then, but now I am starting to see more of that innovation coming my way. Maybe, at last, that light at the end of the tunnel is not the train coming after all.

Last year I wrote about Abe’s Penny (it is one year old this month), a magazine that comes in weekly post cards mailed to the readers one card at a time. It is an attempt to utilize the sense that print, and only print, can master: A product you anticipate, you touch and feel, it comes to you, it seeks your address and knocks on your door steps, and then you sit back, relax, grab that glass of wine or cup of coffee and get engaged in an experience of the most “me-time” that can ever exist.

Well, Qlix magazine, published by TenStyle Media Inc. of Chicago, provides such an experience. It is innovative, creative, romantic, and above all engaging. It is a “found” experience to use a phrase from the tag line of the magazine. The magazine is divided into four sections: The Envelope (the cover of the magazine) that holds the content, Collectible Cards (interviews/profiles of emerging talents and concepts in the fashion industry), Fashion Poster (fashion visual editorial), and Poster Magazine (article features, columns and departments). The inspiration of the magazine comes from overseas and similar innovative magazine concepts such as South Africa’s MK Bruce Lee and Spain’s La Mas Bella magazines.

I asked Tenisha Anderson, the magazine’s publisher and editor three questions regarding Qlix magazine that aims to create “a visual and kinesthetic experience within an independent publication that celebrates all emerging talents and concepts within fashion semi-annually.” What follows are my questions and her answers.

Samir Husni: How did you come with this idea and why?

Tenisha Anderson: During my time at Colophon 2009 in Luxembourg, being around various independent magazine publishers and learning how they started, and just seeing how enthusiastic people were about print magazines really inspired me to pursue a long time goal of starting a magazine. Qlix’s packet format was inspired by several publications I came across at Colophon 2009 that bucked the normality of what a magazine is aesthetically suppose to look like and I was drawn to their magazines and seeing what they are about just from their unique format, more so then many of the others that would typical catch my eye. Therefore, I felt that if I was going to create a magazine, and a fashion magazine at that, that I needed to add my own ingenuity of how I wanted to present it. I didn’t want Qlix to appear as your typical independent fashion publication, although the content of Qlix covers emerging fashion talent (and who doesn”t), we also focus on emerging fashion concepts that are coming out. Plus the talent we cover isn’t only an emerging fashion designer, or photographer, but we also try to cover the talent that is sometimes forgotten (i.e. business mavens behind a new fashion pr firm or retailer, or a fresh forward illustrator, a crazy-skilled textile designer, fashion writer, a trend forecaster, etc.). Qlix knows it takes a village to showcase the end result.

SH: How important is the print component of the “experience” of the Emerging, Fashion and Found?

It’s very important, because the print component of the Qlix brand is to show that “Print IS NOT Dead”, but just evolving. Although Qlix is a multiplatformed brand with Qlix magazine, Qlixmag.com and the upcoming Qlix TV, the experience that the readers get with the print component is a kinesthetic one, encouraging reader interaction with the content, building a cohesive community between the reader and the publication.
Thus, whenever our readers “experience” Qlix magazine , they become inspired/motivated by what their peers, people just like them, are doing. Inspiration doesn’t always come from the top of the totem pole, and exposure for an emerging talent can come from some of the unlikeliest places. In a nutshell, I feel when you see what your peers are doing and that people are taking notice of that, then hopefully it will motivate you to do the same. That’s the Qlix experience.

SH: Why fashion and do you see this experience going into other categories?

I chose to do a fashion publication for several reasons, 1) fashion is my background, both educational and career-wise; 2) I’m part of the market I’m targeting; 3) I wanted to create a magazine where it didn’t seem like work to me, no matter how much research I do or how many hours I put into Qlix, it never feels like a job. Plus, fashion appeals to so many of the senses, I don’t think fashion magazines will ever be irrelevant. I hope this type of “experience” goes into other categories, although I do agree with your last interviewee, Magnus Greaves, that all magazines that are in print right now are not best served by that format. However, I do believe such creativity and innovativeness regarding the aesthetic of print magazines could revitalize the industry again and subdue all the naysayers that want to see the doom of print.

Here you have it. A new experience waiting for you to immerse into. Don’t wait, click here to order your free copy of the limited edition first issue, and get ready to relax and enjoy.


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