Innovation in Print: Three Magazines that Count …

November 19, 2009

What would you call a person who is willing to pay $20 for a single issue of a magazine? A customer who counts. This last week I bought two magazines, Vintage and MyMag that I paid $20 and $10 for a single copy for each respectively, and I did that gladly. A third magazine (which is on its way to me) that also counts is the Dutch magazine O.K. Periodical, the design oriented magazine from The Netherlands. All three have one thing in common: innovation for customers who count and not just count customers together with the best usage of technology to amplify the printed product.

Vintage magazine‘s premiere issue is a printed beauty to hold. The magazine, modeled after the famous Flair magazine of the 50s (which by the way, I have every issue of), uses various different types of paper, die-cuts, fold-outs and is sewn together rather than stapled or glued. Each page explores the “possibilities of print, font, color, photography, and texture…” The magazine is the brainchild of Ivy Baer Sherman who was inspired to create Vintage magazine by Fleur Cowles who published and edited Flair in 1950 -51. Vintage magazine is worth every penny of the $20 and can be ordered at the magazine’s website here.

MyMag on the other hand, is the $10 an issue new magazine founded by Mangus Greaves, Phil Rugile and Warren Noronha. Each issue of MyMag uses a celebrity to scan the available media in order to create a magazine that addresses the desires of that celebrity. So, if you are a fan of Steve AOKI, you will love the first issue of the magazine that AOKI put together for you. For a visual and voyeur society, what best can bring you the thoughts and actions of a celebrity right there to your mailbox. MyMag is sold on the magazine’s website here and can ordered on an issue by issue basis.

O.K. Periodicals third issue is themed Repeat. The Dutch independent design-magazine, shows the world’s first crowd-sourced magazine cover. A brilliant idea of using technology and digital to create a print product that would have taken ages to do in the golden olden days. “Hundreds of people have made their contribution by designing a small part of it,” says William van Giessen on behalf of the editorial team of the magazine. He adds, ” The bizarre yet unique reproduction underlines the power of the online network.” The magazine, published twice a year, launched their third issue in Berlin to celebrate the “on and off line celebration of media.” The issue can be ordered from the magazine’s website here.

The aforementioned three magazines are nothing but a tiny example of what innovation can do to preserve print and the role of print in a fast moving technological and digital age. It is another reminder that we must use technology to amplify the future of print and not just vice versa. We have to continue to explore and expand our ways on how to reach our relevant customers through the relevant media without the need to sacrifice one on the alter of the other. Our future is not going to be either or, but rather, all.


  1. Dear Samir,

    I’m wondering if you’ve had the chance to review Living Crafts magazine http://www.livingcrafts.com and what you think of it.


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