Words of Wisdom from a sign on the wall at Western Horseman magazine

October 13, 2009

sign on the wall at Western Horseman magazine
You can call that a WOW moment, or like I like to say a “Words Of Wisdom” moment. I was visiting Western Horseman magazine yesterday when a sign hanging on the wall of one of the offices captivated my attention. It was, appropriately, hanging from a horseshoe frame. I was told that the sign has been in the building since the early days of the magazine, which, by the way, will celebrate its 75th anniversary January 2011. Those simple WOW words say: “The only way to make a magazine better for the advertiser is to make it better for the reader.” A great motto to follow yesterday, today and tomorrow.
The picture on the right is of the sign on the wall, below is a picture of the first issue and 60th anniversary issue of Western Horseman and the iconic headquarters of the magazine in Colorado Springs.
The first and 60th anniversary issues of Western HorsemanThe beautiful and iconic headquarters of Western Horseman magazine



  1. Pretty cool to have Samir return to get that photo. That has hung on various walls here for years, and most thought the sentiment a good guideline. When Gary Vorhes (former longtime managing editor and editor-in-chief), left and I moved into this office, he said it had come to him from Chuck King (editor, 1969-1976), who maybe had gotten it from Dick Spencer (editor, 1951-1969, and publisher, 1969-1989). Kim Simshauser in advertising and I opened the back of the frame only to find that it’s a page cut from a magazine, but no indication of which magazine.

    Fran Smith
    Western Horseman
    Book Publishing Director

    • Thanks for the update Fran. All the best, Samir

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  3. I have a collection of Western Horseman magazines Jan.1965 to Dec. 1983. I would like to sell it. What would you suggest?

  4. Every horseman in the West read the Western Horseman. It had a magic until about the 1980s and then the buckaroo craze killed it for everybody else. People who weren’t buckaroos, started dressing like them…and all of a sudden everybody was a buckaroo. Then the wealthy turned it into a “who has the fanciest stuff” game….and it all became hollywood instead of real. And like all modern magazines, it went to courting advertisers by doing feature stories on them and whoring themselves out instead of sticking to the first love of what started the magazine. It was a first class magazine for decades and looked forward to each month. They were better days with better ways. Everything is facade now.

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