Against all odds: Seventeen magazine is pretty, fun and flirty at 65

August 19, 2009


What do Teen People, Cosmo Girl and Elle Girl have in common? I know that you are going to say that they are all dead. You are right. That is a fact. However, for a brief shinning moment in the last few years, the aforementioned magazines were the darlings of the media folks and were predicted to be the “hot new trend” in magazine publishing for teens. They all aimed to de-throne the mother queen of teen magazines: Seventeen. Guess what! Contrary to the predictions of the media pundits and “prophets of doom and gloom” the mother queen is still well, alive and kicking at 65.


The magazine that carried the tag line “Young fashions & beauty, movies & music, ideas & people” on the cover of its first issue, back in September of 1944, is still offering its readers “pretty, fun and flirty” fashions, beauty, movies, music, ideas and people as “a relevant, trusted and fun resource for teens,” says the magazine publisher Jayne Jamison. So the next time you read about some upcoming new title that is taking the media pundits with a storm, stop, take a deep breath and do not lose faith in the good old established ones.

Magazines don’t age if they stay true to their DNAs. Magazine do age and die when you mess with their DNA. It is not the age that matters, but rather the DNA of the magazine. So, before you write off that old 60 something magazine, think twice and check its DNA. Seventeen is a shiny good example of a magazine at 65 that is still true to its DNA and thus still pretty, fun and flirty. It is necessary, sufficient and relevant. Read here my interview with publisher Jayne Jamison.

Happy anniversary and many many more!

One comment

  1. I am still a fan of your magazine. I purchase the magazine for me and my teenaged daughters. I am searching for a magazine that my niece modeled in during,I believe it was in the eighties. She represented a special segment for college life. She attended the University in Charlottesville, Va. How do I go about ascertaining the magazine or that portion of the magazine? I look forward to the next magazine.
    Patricia Gregory

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