While others predict the demise of magazines, Greg Sullivan is launching one: AFAR

August 6, 2009

afar premiere issue
Tired from reading predictions about the demise of this magazine or that magazine? I, for one, am. I do not know about you, but I always left it to others to gather experts and industry leaders to predict the demise of titles and magazines they once worked for or cherished. I continue to focus my efforts on trying to find ways to innovate and to amplify the future of print. I wish that those naysayers will spend half of the energy they put in predicting the demise of magazines into doing the same thing that I do: Focus on finding solutions and not help fasten the suicide rate of some of our magazines. Our problem is not with print, our problem is with those people leading our print media who have lost faith in their products and their content.

Well, not everyone is losing faith in print, and this coming August 18, one such believer in print, Greg Sullivan, is launching the premier issue of Afar, the first magazine devoted exclusively to covering experiential travel. The premier issue will carry 35 ad pages and a cover price of $4.99.
Last April, I met Mr. Sullivan when he came to speak to my students at Ole Miss, and asked him whether he is crazy to be launching a print magazine in this day and age. Click on the video below to hear his answer.

AFAR, where travel (and the magazine) can take you, will have a frequency of six times a year. In addition to the magazine the company plans extend the brand into a social networking site for experiential travelers in the Spring of 2010, and will launch a foundation to encourage cross-cultural study and travel by under-served high school students this coming Fall.

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