Funfare, the magazine and Funfare the vacation

July 14, 2009

funfareMy friend Gareb Shamus, of Wizard magazine fame, just launched a new magazine for parents and their kids called Funfare. In typical Shamus style the magazine is poly bagged with one of president Obama’s collector’s cards. I asked Gareb why would he publish a new magazine at a time others are folding them. His answer, “With FunFare, we’ve created a new media brand targeted at parents and children (under 14) whose primary focus is toys, games and anything fun. This is the perfect time to launch as families are looking for ways to spend more time together, make the right purchasing decisions and just have fun.
Perfect time indeed. funfaregarebGareb is no stranger to fun himself. Check out his letter from the editor written and designed in cartoon form. A job well done and a much needed magazine for parents of children under 14. (I am talking here first hand, a grandparent of a child under 2)!
Talking about Funfare, this week my family and I are having our funfare in the Sunshine State of Florida. I promised them to limit the number of my blogs and e mails. So please bare with me if my blogs and e mails to you are not as frequent as they usually are.


  1. This mag looks retarded. Its obviously the *bright* idea of some marketing guy sitting in traffic with his kid. Children won’t buy this as kids don’t read mags to find out what toys to buy and parents won’t buy it because their kids will tell them what toys they want. All the rest about it being a way to spend time together, etc. Pleeeeeeeze.

  2. Hi

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  3. huh ! good job my friend..

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