Innovation in “selling” print…one magazine at a time

July 2, 2009

Tired of visiting the newsstands looking for your favorite magazine? Tired of paying full price for your magazine? You do not want to subscribe for a whole year or even for six months? Well, two new outlets are trying to promote a new way of buying printed magazines, one magazine at a time, via their respective companies. The first, MyMAGHQ.com, is a virtual newsstands for the sale of single copy magazines. I met Shane Tabatch, president of MyMAGHQ.com at the PBAA annual convention and asked him about his venture. Click the video below to hear his answers.

The second, Wall Periodicals, an ethnic and urban magazine wholesaler serving the magazine community since 1986. Wall Periodicals is venturing into retail on line to help gain wider distribution for the many ethnic and urban publications they handle. I spoke with Trever Draper of Wall Periodicals at the PBAA convention and asked him about his latest virtual newsstand. Click the video below to hear his answers.


One comment

  1. It’s all about the smell Shane! Thanks for posting about this – really interesting to hear about these new ways of reaching readers. We do a similar thing with Stack, making it easier for people to get hold of the most beautiful, intelligent independent magazines that they probably wouldn’t otherwise have come across.

    That means Stack has a much smaller selection of magazines than MyMAGHQ, but I’m finding that people really appreciate the curated approach. And they seem to particularly like the element of surprise – my subscribers never know what’s coming next month, and I’ve had loads of nice feedback on that.

    Totally agree that print isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Here’s to finding new ways of getting print magazines out to readers!

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