Honoring the King of Pop: All what you need is TIME

July 2, 2009

timemjDo you want a commemorative edition that honors, explains and documents the late King of Pop Michael Jackson? Well look no further than the special issue of TIME magazine that started arriving on the newsstands last Sunday afternoon beating all the celebrities titles including TIME’s parent company’s own People magazine. The 68-page magazine (all devoted to MJ) was done in less than 24 hours and was printed on heavier stock cover and inside paper. In addition the magazine was able to sell one ad page to Pepsi that created an ad in honor of the late King of Pop. (See cover and ad above). Newsweek, on the other hand. had to do some quick adjusting to their issue hitting the newsstands last Monday. The main cover story was about books and what to read now. newsweekmj However, the newsstands cover was replaced by a picture of MJ and the tag line The Meaning of Michael and a 9-page special section was produced devoted to MJ. The subscribers cover remained unchanged. What bothered me with the Newsweek cover is that it was made to appear as a special issue on MJ rather than a few pages insert, especially that the cover price for this issue has been hiked to $6.95, one dollar more than the regular price of $5.95. (For the record, TIME also increased its cover price on the special issue by one dollar to $5.99 from $4.99).
So why do you think TIME and Newsweek are interested in the MJ story? Simple, both magazines are catering to an audience who remember MJ the artist, the musician and the King of Pop. They are leaving MJ, the troubled celebrity, to the so called celebrity magazines, or as I have always called them by the real European name of gossip magazines.
So if MJ was a Thriller to you, you can bet that TIME can easily tell the competition Beat It!


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