“The Naked Solution” or how to avoid ads on magazine covers

June 23, 2009

Warning: There are pictures of naked men and women on the covers of magazines shown in this blog, so please proceed or leave at our risk.

Common sense will dedicate that you expect to see naked women on the covers of Playboy and Penthouse, but you do not expect to see them on the covers of Wallpaper and Vogue? Right? Well I said common sense, something we do not have to have much of lately. Shocking sense is more of the trend rather than the common one. While Playboy and Penthouse are taming their covers, other magazines are going to the extreme with naked models sans some tattoos or strategically located objects or other body parts to hide the complete nudity. Call me a skeptic, but maybe, and this is a big maybe, this is some smart magazines’ editors answer to make sure that they have no ads on the cover, thus making the folks at the American Society of Magazine Editors happy. I guess their thinking is that if the models are naked than the editors do not have to identify all the fashion, makeup, etc. that the models wear and advertise and is always disguised as part of the total package, thus running a foul with ASME!
playboy cover mountIn the last few months I have noticed that my subscription copies of some magazines are arriving with a cover mount that is nothing but an ad. Rolling Stone few months back did that and now my most recent issue of Playboy covered with a New AXE Instinct ad. You can barely (no pun indented) see the word promotion on top of the name of the magazine, but you can easily see the famous trademarked bunny on the cover as part of the ad and an invite to “uncover…”playboy Unlike Playboy, my recent issue of Wallpaper came with no warning, and not one but two naked women on the cover. Now, I am not a purist and I think that I have seen it all, but for a design, interiors, fashion, art and lifestyle magazine to have naked women on their cover is, at least to me, stretching the word “interiors” a little bit too much. (Of course the naked women cover is a limited edition rewarding those of us who subscribed to the magazine as opposed to the single copy buyers; so do not rush to the nearest newsstand since you will not find that copy there).wallpaper
And what about the recent issue of GQ and the news that the folks in Chicago are treating it as porn and covering it as they do with Hustler and other magazines? I wonder if they did the same with Esquire, British Vogue, Rolling Stone hot issue, ELLE, Vanity Fair May issue, the British Attitude magazine and the new adult erotic magazine Jacques. Take a look and judge for yourself. Are naked covers the best way to avoid ads on the covers? Who knows? I know one thing for sure, they get more publicity and sales than those with ads on the covers… so maybe going a la natural will be the answer for putting no ads on the covers!


  1. As the owner of a small newsstand in the capital of a New England state, I put the current copy of GQ front and center on the mainline where it belongs. Years ago, a former boss of mine demanded that we put the famous (imfamous?) Vanity Fair Demi Moore issue on the mainline, outside displays and overhead displays with the offending banners removed. I had a lot of respect for that guy!

  2. […] hora do desespero, é sempre bom manter o bom humor. Aqui no link, a seleção das publicações que aderiram aos pelados: tem GQ, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Rolling […]

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